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Android: To Set Emergency contact number in lock screen

Android smart phone users who lock their screen using security code or lock pattern are recommended to set emergency contact number accessible from your lock screen. Displaying Emergency contact in lock screen will help in emergency situations like when the owner of the phone is in any critical situation  The owner left the phone and someone find it and wanted to contact the owner To set Emergency contact in Lock screen - Android : Go to Settings →Device→Lock screen→Owners Information. Type the Emergency contact number and the name Go to Contacts → Groups → Tap on the Group ICE-Emergency contact → Add your Emergency contact. You can add up to 4 numbers. Now if someone found your phone and wanted to contact your emergency contact, they will have  two information on your lock screen. First option is he will see the Owner's information note displayed in lock screen .  Second one is he can tap on the Emergency call option and call to the mobile numbe

Android : Change file extension in Android File Browsers- pdf,bin,zip,rar,7z | View Bin file in android

In Android Smart phones, the default file browser allow the user to rename only the file name. If you want to change the extension of the file, then follow any one method mentioned in this article. To change file extension in Android Phone : Go to Google play store and download ES file explorer developed by ES APP Group. After Installing the ES Explorer in your smart phone, browse the file in ES Explorer and select rename option to change the extension of the file Connect the smart phone with any Windows laptop or PC. Browse the desired file and select rename option to change the extension of the file. Note: Use this option only when it is necessary. For example, if you download any secured pdf file in Android browser, it will download as .bin file. In that case, you have to rename it as .pdf to view the file If you rename pdf to doc or jpeg to png or xls to txt, then the file will appear as corrupted. You need to use file converter tools to perform such conversions.

Android : Dictionary update information | To stop download notification

Notification : Dictionary update information Description:   If there is an update found in your phone's dictionary that is associated with Android keyboard or Google Keyboard, then the download manager will automatically start updating the information , if you are connected to WiFi. But if you don't have WiFi, whenever you turn on mobile data then this notification will keep on running in your notification bar, . But download will not happen until you connect with Wi-fi. To Stop Dictionary update information notification : Connect your mobile to Wifi internet data. Go to Settings → Language and Input In keyboard and input methods, choose the keyboard installed in your phone. (Tap on the options button available right to the Keyboard name) Tap on Text correction Select Add-on dictionaries Now you can see some languages that are Installed, Available status Apart from English and Your mother tongue, uninstall all the installed languages. (This step is

Dual mic Noise Reduction in Android Smartphones

  Dual mic Noise Reduction You might have seen some option called Dual mic Noise Reduction ON and Dual Mic noise reduction off in your Android smartphone settings. What is Dual Mic Noise Reduction : Dual Mic Noise Reduction is a technology used by latest Smartphones in order to reduce the ambient ( surrounding) noise and send the clear voice to the other side while speaking a call in noisy environment like traffic jams and other Noisy Market area. How Dual Mic Noise reduction works : If you closely look at your smartphone, you can see two microphones located. One near at the front side bottom corner and other one at backside most probably just below the camera lens. So, if you enable the Dual Mic noise reduction option in call settings, at noisy environments both mics receive noise from surroundings at similar level and subtracted from each other by connecting the microphones out of phase. But the voice of the person will be larger as the primary mic will be placed

Android: Enable | Disable Safety Recovery mode

To start Android phone in safe mode As similar to Safety mode in Windows OS in personal computer and laptop, we can use our Android phones also in safety or recovery mode. In this mode, only default apps which were installed during the purchase of phone will work in this mode. Method 1: Some of the Android versions will ask for a popup like , "Restart in safety mode" when you press the power off button and select shutdown or power off option. If your android version does not have this option , try for method 2 Method 2: Turn off your mobile phone using normal shutdown option by pressing power button Now restart it again. Once the manufacturer logo like Samsung, Nokia,Xolo,lava, Moto appears press and hold volume down button. A popup will occur that you are going to enter in the safety mode and if you give OK, you will be entered in to the safety recovery mode. How to disable and come out of Safety mode: To come out of safety mode, you just need

To Customize the Display of Contacts in Android

How to Customize the Display of Contacts in Android Step 1 : Go to Contacts Step 2:  Pick the menu button to view the list of options like Settings, Accounts, Clear Frequents, Contact to display Step 3: Now Tap on Contacts to display Step 4: Here you can find a list of options like All contacts, Whatsapp, VIber, Simcard 1, Simcard2, Phone, Customize etc Step 5: If you want to show all the contacts stored in all apps, phone storage, SIM then choose All contacts If you want to check what are all the contacts stored in Phone or SIM 1 or SIM 2 or VIber, then choose the specific option and go back and see your contact list

How to speed up android phone without rooting

Reasons for Your Phone get slower : In long run, most of the apps that have installed in android phones, specifically Googel Play services, Facebook, Chrome browser, Messenger etc will accumulate huge amount of cache files which collectively form unnecessary junk files. It is our task to clean these junk files often to release sufficient space in Phone storage. Apart from this,when you uninstall some apps, some Empty folders will be still there corresponding to those uninstalled apps. You can clean these junk files without any external app. But it will take time.Apps like clean master will help to clean these files fast. Just go to File Browser - Phone memory and have a look. You can see the folders in the name of apps that you have uninstalled long long ago. Some cleaning apps like 360, Clean master too don't clean these empty files sometime. It ll add up and in long run would affect the phone speed. Some Other reasons includes Storage of thumbnail files, Cach

Troubleshoot: Pen drive not detecting in Android

When there were only windows OS laptops and Symbian operated mobile phones, we had to transfer the files from pen drive to PC and then to mobile phone by means of USB connecting cable. But, Once Android entered into the game, the scenario changes. We can directly connect the Pen drive to Android smartphones by means of OTG (On the GO ) cables and transfer the files directly. Even though we can directly connect the USB drive directly to the phones, lot of us are facing difficulties to transfer files through this method. The following troubleshooting method might help you to spot out the issue and let you to solve it and transfer your files from Pen drive to Android smartphone and Smarphone to Pen drive easily. Method 1 : Ensure that your pen-drive is formatted using FAT 32 method. If it is formatted using NTFS method, then Android phones could not detect your pendrive. You can check it by inserting the Pen drive in some laptops or PC and to check it in the propertie

Sync Subtitle in Android | VLC , MX, KM Player

Every Video Players like VLC , MX , KM Player that have already proved their own performance has also laid their strong foot prints in Android Mobile market too. But, still there are lot of improvements to be made in Android versions of Video Players and one of such necessary feature is Re-syncing of subtitles. In windows and MAC , it is very easy to adjust the subtitles according to the dialogue (audio voice). But, still this feature is lagging in Android version and iPhone versions. Still, MX player attempted a trial step toward re-synchronizing the subtitle file. We can swipe the subtitle to the left or right to adjust plus or minus one second to re sync with the audio. In VLC Android version , to sync the subtitle try the following steps Tap on the three dots ( more options button) Now select sub-title delay option Now based on your requirement you can press + or - option which delays or advances the subtitle. Repeat the above step till the subtitle sync

UG NX : Creating a Simple L Bracket with two fixing holes :Tutorial

Before start creating the component, you have to make a quick plan in your mind that how you are going to make the model. For example, for the below L Bracket, we are going to draw a L Shaped, 2D sketch with required dimensions. Extrude it to form a 3D L-shaped bracket. Finally to make fixing holes using hole feature. Open UG NX software. Go to File - New - and select model. Give a new model name called Bracket.prt . Remember where this file is stored in your computer. Once you created the new file, ensure that you are in Modeling Application. Go to Insert -  Sketch Now the tools that are needed to draw a sketch will appear in the bottom of the screen. Using line, arc curves create a L shaped sketch roughly with your own dimensions. Using Inferred dimensions , mark the dimensions. Marking all the necessary dimensions is known as constraining the sketch. Once you drawn the L-shaped sketch, Click on finish Sketch . Go to part navigator which appear in the left

User Interface of Unigraphic NX | Comparing Ideas NX interface

UG NX is the advancement of I-deas software. Because of the robust nature of I-deas and to overcome its drawback to compete with other software like CATIA, ProE, Solidworks etc , Unigraphic NX was developed. So , those who were worked in I-deas may find little easier to cope up with this software. The User Interface used in latest versions of UG NX is called ribbon interface. It is similar to the interface that is used in Microsoft Office Tools like MS word, MS excel etc. Ribbon Interface : What is Ribbon Interface ? It simply indicates that most of the options will be available in the screen itself as a set of icon groups. We don't need to waste time in searching the options inside any menu lists. In addition to the icons available in the screen, a classic way of menu lists also available in UG NX. So , you can find the same option in two or three places. This is just to enhance the user experience and to improve the easiness to work in the software.

UG NX: File structure and basic terms in UG NX

File structure and basic terms in UG: The components, Assembly and drawings that we create in UG NX are stored in the extension with .prt The finite element model (mesh model) that we create in Advanced simulated module are stored in the extension .fem The simulation file (With boundary conditions and results) will be stored as .sim extension. And the sub assembly and components used in an Assembly are stored as separate prt files. So, we have to call, load all sub assembly components when we are working in an assembly. Basic Terms and definitions: It will be easier to work with the software if we are familiar with the following terms and definitions : 1.Component : Component denotes a individual part . In some software, it is called as part. In UG we call it as components. Example : If you are modeling a Fan. The whole set up is called as FAN assembly. Individual parts like Fan wing, Motor, Bolts, Nuts are called as components. 2.Solid Body:  A component ma

Meaning of Up Down Arrows in signal bar | Android Mobile

Have you ever noticed two small arrows on the signal bar of your Android smart phones. In some of the phones, these arrows will appear very near to the signal bar. Here is the meaning of those small cute arrows: Arrow Facing upwards : It means that data is transferred from your mobile phone into Internet. Yes, you are uploading some information from your phone to Internet. The uploading data might be Small texts that you send on Whatsapp or large video file you are uploading to Facebook. So now, just check this with the following examples : 1.Enable internet on your phone , Go to and type something. While typing the keyword, you can notice the up arrow will be displayed . It means that the search term is uploaded from your mobile to internet. 2.Upload an Image to Whatsapp. You can observe the up arrow appearing again. Arrow Facing downwards: Obviously as you guessed, the down arrow means that you are downloading some data . The data may vary from a

Meaning for Call forwarding on conditional

Meaning of Call forwarding on conditional Are you receiving a pop up message in your phone screen like “ Call Forwarding on Conditional ” , each and every time you dial an outgoing call. Do not worry. It means that call forwarding option is activated in your mobile phone for one or more condition. Following are the conditions , you can forward a call when the conditions is true. Condition 1: When Busy :- means that call will be forwarded to the number you have setup , when you are busy with another call. Condition 2: When Not reachable :- means that call will be forwarded to another mobile number you have input , when you are in a remote or not reachable location. Condition 3: When Switched Off :- means that the incoming call will be forwarded to another mobile number , when your mobile phone is switched off. Condition 4: When the Call is answered :- means that the incoming call will be forwarded to another mobile number , when your missed

Remove SIM card PIN code in Android smartphone

By default every mobile network provide the SIM card to its subscribers incorporated with a PIN and PUK code. Both these codes intends for security reason . If these security codes are enabled by the user, during mobile theft cases nobody can misuse the SIM card without knowing the PIN code. But if the user forgot in the PIN code, then he will be in trouble. Each and every time we restart the phone, the phone will ask for PIN code to enable the mobile signal or activate the SIM card. Nowadays, People moving towards smartphone technology. So many apps are available in the Android market to ensure the security and privacy of data and mobile. So, it is not necessary to risk with the SIM card PIN code. Follow the procedure to remove the PIN code from SIM card : Literally , The PIN code cannot be removed, we can only disable it . Step 1 : Go to settings Step 2 : Select Security settings Step 3: Choose Set up SIM card lock Step 3 : If you have dual SIM , sel

Tips to Avoid Smartphone addiction | Stop Over usage of Mobile Phones

Experiencing and using smartphone technology is not bad. But over usage of smartphones becomes addiction and at a point of time, the time will not move without smartphone in the hand. So, stopping the over usage of smartphones and coming out of this addiction is very important. Living in virtual world is very dangerous and lead to a depressed mentality. This article deals with the top working methods to avoid phone addiction.   >Low Battery Mode Trick This low battery mode method will work for most of us. The trick is ,Do not charge the smartphone to 100 % every day. Just charge it to 60 to 70 percent only. So, if you over use it, the phone will quickly come to low battery mode and this make a small necessity to stop using your phone to avoid immediate switch off. This will rapidly reduce your phone usage in few days. >Weekly Uninstalling Top Using Apps Experience as many apps as you need and addict to whatever apps yo

Android : Call Forward | Call Barring | Call Waiting | Voice mail box settings -Enable /Disable

Those who are shifted from mobile handsets to Android smart phone may find difficulty in finding the settings menu for call Forward, Barring, waiting, voicemail etc. Expand the topics below to know how to set corresponding settings in Android mobile phones. How to get Call settings menu in Android : 1.        Go to call settings in settings menu (or) From your home screen, press the call Button 2.        Now, press the menu button. For some phones, it is bottom left button and for others bottom right is menu button. 3.        Tap on settings option 4.        Go inside voice call 5.        Now you can see a set of following options. Expand the following steps to know how to enable or disable each option in specific. Call Forward : You can see a set of options inside call forward. 1.        Enable When Busy and input your emergency mobile number for which the call will be forwarded 2.        Enable When Not reachable   and input your emergency m

Android : How to enable conference call in Android smartphone

In any mobile network including Aircel, Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL, Docomo, Reliance, Idea and Uninor making a conferencing call in Android and windows Smartphone is very easy. Procedure: Call to one of your friend you need to include in conference. Once he attended the call, you should add the another friend to the conference This can be done by Add contact to conference icon that is displaying right below the End Call button. Similarly you can add 5 members maximum to the conference call. The call charges will be based on your active plan whether post-paid or Prepaid.  For example, you call tariff is 60 paise /minute, you are making a conference call with 5 people then you will be charged 3 Rupee per minute. In some circles the mobile network charges 30 Rs/month for using conference call services. In most of the circles, they provide this service for free. Better you have to check with your customer care number of your mobile network befor