Saturday, December 27, 2014

UG NX : Creating a Simple L Bracket with two fixing holes :Tutorial

Before start creating the component, you have to make a quick plan in your mind that how you are going to make the model.

For example, for the below L Bracket, we are going to draw a L Shaped, 2D sketch with required dimensions.
Extrude it to form a 3D L-shaped bracket. Finally to make fixing holes using hole feature.

  • Open UG NX software. Go to File - New - and select model. Give a new model name called Bracket.prt . Remember where this file is stored in your computer.
  • Once you created the new file, ensure that you are in Modeling Application.
  • Go to Insert -  Sketch
  • Now the tools that are needed to draw a sketch will appear in the bottom of the screen.
  • Using line, arc curves create a L shaped sketch roughly with your own dimensions.
  • Using Inferred dimensions, mark the dimensions. Marking all the necessary dimensions is known as constraining the sketch.
  • Once you drawn the L-shaped sketch, Click on finish Sketch.

  • Go to part navigator which appear in the left side of the screen. Here you can find the history of the component. Now you can see a Datum coordinate system and Sketch in the history tree.
  • We are going to convert this sketch into a 3D model. Go to Insert - Design Feature - Extrude
  • Now a form named Extrude will open in the screen. You have to fill from top to bottom and the * marked parameters are necessary to finish the operation.
  • Select the curves of 2D sketch . Press Enter and enter the extrude start length as 0 and end length as some appropriate value. Press OK
  • We are almost done with the bracket . Only thing remaining is Fixing holes.
  • Go to Insert - Design Feature - Hole
  • Choose the type of hole as simple hole.Select the surface you want to make the hole and specify the center position and click finish sketch.
  • Change the Size of the hole dimension as you wish. Press OK

Now we have obtained the L-shaped bracket with two fixing holes.

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