Sunday, May 8, 2016

Android: To Set Emergency contact number in lock screen

Android smart phone users who lock their screen using security code or lock pattern are recommended to set emergency contact number accessible from your lock screen.

Displaying Emergency contact in lock screen will help in emergency situations like

  • when the owner of the phone is in any critical situation 
  • The owner left the phone and someone find it and wanted to contact the owner

To set Emergency contact in Lock screen - Android :

  1. Go to Settings →Device→Lock screen→Owners Information. Type the Emergency contact number and the name
  2. Go to Contacts → Groups → Tap on the Group ICE-Emergency contact → Add your Emergency contact. You can add up to 4 numbers.

Now if someone found your phone and wanted to contact your emergency contact, they will have two information on your lock screen.

  • First option is he will see the Owner's information note displayed in lock screen . 
  • Second one is he can tap on the Emergency call option and call to the mobile number added to the Emergency contact number. 
Apart from utilizing this option as self, please advise your friends and family who own Android, Apple smart phones to use this option. This option has the power to save lives.