Thursday, December 25, 2014

User Interface of Unigraphic NX | Comparing Ideas NX interface

UG NX is the advancement of I-deas software. Because of the robust nature of I-deas and to overcome its drawback to compete with other software like CATIA, ProE, Solidworks etc , Unigraphic NX was developed.

So , those who were worked in I-deas may find little easier to cope up with this software.

The User Interface used in latest versions of UG NX is called ribbon interface. It is similar to the interface that is used in Microsoft Office Tools like MS word, MS excel etc.

Ribbon Interface :

What is Ribbon Interface ? It simply indicates that most of the options will be available in the screen itself as a set of icon groups. We don't need to waste time in searching the options inside any menu lists.

In addition to the icons available in the screen, a classic way of menu lists also available in UG NX.

So , you can find the same option in two or three places. This is just to enhance the user experience and to improve the easiness to work in the software.

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