Saturday, November 1, 2014

Remove SIM card PIN code in Android smartphone

By default every mobile network provide the SIM card to its subscribers incorporated with a PIN and PUK code.

Both these codes intends for security reason . If these security codes are enabled by the user, during mobile theft cases nobody can misuse the SIM card without knowing the PIN code.

But if the user forgot in the PIN code, then he will be in trouble. Each and every time we restart the phone, the phone will ask for PIN code to enable the mobile signal or activate the SIM card.

Nowadays, People moving towards smartphone technology. So many apps are available in the Android market to ensure the security and privacy of data and mobile.

So, it is not necessary to risk with the SIM card PIN code.

sim lock password

Follow the procedure to remove the PIN code from SIM card :

Literally , The PIN code cannot be removed, we can only disable it .

Step 1 : Go to settings

Step 2 : Select Security settings

Step 3: Choose Set up SIM card lock

Step 3 : If you have dual SIM , select the SIM in which you want to remove the PIN code.

Step 4:  Uncheck the Lock SIM card option. When you try to uncheck it, the pop up will open and ask for current PIN code.

Step 5: If you dont know the current PIN code, call to customer care and tell your SIM card number printed on the back SIDE of the SIM card and ask for the PIN code.

Step 6: Enter it in your phone to disable the PIN code. If you type your PIN code three times wrongly, then the SIM will be locked and ask for PUK code.

If you already locked your SIM because of incorrect attempts of PIN code, do not assume PUK code.
It will permanently block you SIM. See this Procedure to unlock the PUK code safely.