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EIA number - Meaning and Steps to get EIA number

E-Insurance Account' (EIA) is the portfolio of insurance policies of a proposer/policyholder held in an electronic form with an insurance repository.  Most of the Insurance agent companies allow the customers to link their insurance policies to link with the EIA number , through their website itself. Benefits of EIA are Free & Fast: Open an eIA for free and store all your insurance policies electronically in minutes.  Safe & Secure: No more lost or damaged policies! Your eIA keeps them secure online.  Easy Access: Get to your policies anytime, anywhere from your phone or computer. Update Info Easily: Need to update your address or beneficiary? Do it directly in your eIA. See All Policies in One Place: View all your life, health, and general insurance policies together.  Renew Quickly: Pay your premiums easily online without waiting in lines.  Track Conveniently: View your policies on your eIA statements We can register and get EIA number directly in NSDL website owned by

Chennai MTC Buses gets automated ticketing Machines from March 2024

Automated Ticketing System Launch:  Chennai MTC to introduce automated ticketing system by the first week of March. Passenger Information System (PIS) in Buses:  Plan to equip 50 buses with PIS in a pilot project, aiming for entire fleet integration by June 2025. Procurement of Electric Buses:  MTC aims to acquire 1,500 electric buses, with 1,000 funded by the World Bank and 500 by KfW, a German bank. Study Findings:  OMI Foundation's study highlighted key factors for ease of mobility in Chennai, including efficient public transport adoption, gender-inclusive mobility, and the need for a unified metropolitan transport authority. Fleet Augmentation:  MTC initiates process to augment the fleet, acknowledging the requirement for an estimated 5,000 buses in the city's transport system.

Hyundai Exter - Beep sound inside cabin while driving | Solved

Identifying the Source: Some users initially attributed the beep sound to the car's ESP (Electronic Stability Program) However, it's important to correctly identify the source before attempting to resolve the issue. One user discovered that the beep actually emanates from the dash cam, rather than the ESP system. Dash Cam Settings: Owners of the top model with an inbuilt dash cam can adjust settings to stop the beep sound. Access dash cam settings through the mobile app or the car's settings menu. Look for an option to disable the beep feature to effectively eliminate the sound caused by the dash cam. Stability Control Activation: Another potential cause of beep sounds is the activation of stability control. If the beep coincides with stability control activation, there's likely no cause for concern. Beeping without stability control activation warrants further investigation. Conclusion: If experiencing beep sounds in your Hyundai Exter, first check dash cam settings to

Sanitizer evaporates when poured but not when kept in Bottle - Why ?

In our daily routines, we often encounter substances like sanitizer and water, both of which can evaporate under the right conditions. However, have you ever wondered why sanitizer seems to evaporate more readily when poured onto your hand compared to water? Let's delve into the science behind the differential evaporation rates of sanitizer and water. Composition Matters: One of the key factors influencing the evaporation rates of sanitizer and water is their composition. Sanitizer typically contains alcohol, which is a volatile compound, meaning it evaporates quickly at room temperature. On the other hand, water, while capable of evaporation, lacks the volatile properties of alcohol. Surface Area and Evaporation: When sanitizer is poured onto your hand, it spreads out, increasing the surface area exposed to the air. This larger surface area allows for more rapid evaporation of the alcohol content in the sanitizer. In contrast, when sanitizer is stored in a bottle, even if slightly

Function of Hold button in Hyundai Exter Remote Ignition Key

 Hyundai Exter Remote Ignition Key has three buttons. Doors lock with a closed lock 🔒 symbol Doors unlock with a open lock symbol Boot space door open symbol with word Hold If you are wondering the purpose of the third button (Hold Button), the purpose of the hold button is to open the boot space door. The word hold means that you need to press and hold the button to open the boot space door. There is a difference between Second and third button. If you press second button all doors will open. But if you press third button only boot space will open. As an additional feature, if you press lock and unlock button at the same time for 5 seconds, indicator lights at mirror will blink 4 times. After that your lock and unlock sound will be muted. If you want to unmute ,repeat the step again.

The Absence of Indian Smartphone Brands: Exploring the Market Dynamics

India, with its burgeoning population and rapidly growing middle class, stands as one of the world's largest smartphone markets. Yet, the absence of prominent Indian smartphone brands may come as a surprise.  In this article, we delve into the historical context, market statistics, and reasons behind the lack of homegrown smartphone brands in India. Historical Perspective: India has a rich history of telecommunications and technology, with several Indian companies making strides in various sectors. However, when it comes to smartphones, the market has been dominated by global giants like Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, and others.  The absence of Indian brands is not due to a lack of effort but rather a combination of factors. Market Statistics: Market Dominance:  Chinese brands like Xiaomi, Vivo, and Oppo held a significant share of the Indian smartphone market, with Xiaomi being the top player. Challenging Competition: The Indian smartphone market is highly competitive. Launching a new b

The Bitter Truth: Why Some Medicines and Healthy Foods Taste Bitter When it comes to our sense of taste

Bitterness and sweetness play significant roles in our food preferences and the medicines we consume.  Have you ever wondered why certain medicines and many health-promoting foods have a bitter taste, while sweet-tasting foods are often associated with health issues?  Let's dive into the fascinating world of flavors and evolution to uncover the reasons behind this phenomenon. Evolutionary Aversion to Bitterness Bitterness, in the world of taste, often serves as a warning sign. Many natural toxins and poisons found in plants and other substances carry a bitter taste.  Over millennia, our ancestors learned to associate bitterness with potential harm. This aversion likely developed as a survival mechanism to protect us from ingesting harmful substances. Medicines and BitternessSome of the most potent medicinal compounds are found in plants and herbs. Interestingly, these compounds tend to be bitter.  For example, quinine, found in the bark of the cinchona tree, is a bitter substance u