Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Android : Call Forward | Call Barring | Call Waiting | Voice mail box settings -Enable /Disable

Those who are shifted from mobile handsets to Android smart phone may find difficulty in finding the settings menu for call Forward, Barring, waiting, voicemail etc.

Expand the topics below to know how to set corresponding settings in Android mobile phones.

How to get Call settings menu in Android :

1.       Go to call settings in settings menu (or) From your home screen, press the call Button
2.       Now, press the menu button. For some phones, it is bottom left button and for others bottom right is menu button.
3.       Tap on settings option
4.       Go inside voice call
5.       Now you can see a set of following options. Expand the following steps to know how to enable or disable each option in specific.

Call Forward :
You can see a set of options inside call forward.
1.       Enable When Busy and input your emergency mobile number for which the call will be forwarded
2.       Enable When Not reachable  and input your emergency mobile number . If you have dual sim, you can give the other mobile number so that you won’t miss any call .
3.       Enable When Switched off and feed the emergency alternate mobile number to forward the call when your phone is switched off.

Call waiting:
1.       In some phones , call waiting option will be hide inside other call settings.
2.       Just enable the check (tick mark) for call waiting option so that you will be notified about incoming calls if you are already in a call

Call Barring
Call barring settings need call barring password which must be first set by your network provider.
So, if you want to bare loan or international incoming and outgoing calls for some reasons like roaming , then you can request your customer care to enable this option.