Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Android : Dictionary update information | To stop download notification

Notification : Dictionary update information

If there is an update found in your phone's dictionary that is associated with Android keyboard or Google Keyboard, then the download manager will automatically start updating the information , if you are connected to WiFi.
But if you don't have WiFi, whenever you turn on mobile data then this notification will keep on running in your notification bar, . But download will not happen until you connect with Wi-fi.

To Stop Dictionary update information notification :

  1. Connect your mobile to Wifi internet data.
  2. Go to Settings → Language and Input
  3. In keyboard and input methods, choose the keyboard installed in your phone. (Tap on the options button available right to the Keyboard name)
  4. Tap on Text correction
  5. Select Add-on dictionaries
  6. Now you can see some languages that are Installed, Available status
  7. Apart from English and Your mother tongue, uninstall all the installed languages. (This step is optional )
  8. Now tap on Refresh
  9. Again tap on refresh
  10. Now the update will be completed shortly and you wont receive the Dictionary Update Information , notification.

As a temporary solution, if you don't have Wi-fi network access, then Long press on the notification and tap on App info
Select Force stop to close the Android Download Manager App , Tap on Clear data and Clear cache option and press OK.