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Aircel :Online Recharge failed | Get Refund money back if Aircel Recharge failed online

While doing online recharge or topup for Aircel prepaid number in Aircel e-payment website, there are chances that the money would be debited from your bank account or credit card , but the recharge will not be happened. To get money refund for failed Aircel online recharge : Go to your bank's net banking account and check whether your amount is credited back. Most of the times, the bank will automatically refund the money within few minutes if the recharge is failed. If the money is not credited back, you have to call your bank's customer care and report the issue related to failed recharge. The customer care executive of the bank will check your transaction and if the transaction is happened , your money will be refunded within 7 days.  It is waste of time to call and argue with Aircel customer care. The correct person to contact for this issue is bank's customer care.

Aircel : Stop Namkeen Autorenewal | To stop false Subscription of Aircel Gaming Mania, Beauty world service

To stop Namkeen Autorenewal in Aircel SIM : From your Aircel number, send an sms STOP to 155223 You will receive the active VAS subscription services Reply with the number equivalent to Namkeen VAS service to unsubscribe from the service and stop auto-renewal of Namekeen service To stop VAS Gaming mania, Beauty world in Aircel : If your talktime balance is reduced for false subscription of Aircel Gaming mania, Beauty world VAS services, then immediately stop the service to prevent auto renewal Send an sms STOP to 155223 . Now you will receive the list of active VAS subscriptions. Reply with the number equivalent to Gaming mania or Beauty world to unsubscribe from the service To stop false subscription and auto-renewal of VAS in Aircel: Even though TRAI implemented several strict rules to telecom market, still the mobile networks trick their users to subscribe for their VAS without their knowledge. To prevent false subscription and autorenewal in Aircel cellf

Aircel SIM card lost : Block SIM,Replace damaged Aircel SIM : Complaint form, price details

To block lost SIM in Aircel If your SIM card is lost or stolen, immediately call to 121 from other Aircel number or 9842012345 from any network Inform your customer care officer and request him to block your Aircel number To get a new Aircel sim card replacement for lost or damaged Aircel SIM Carry an identity proof like Voter's card, Driving license Go to nearest Aircel store Request for a new sim card for your lost SIM card or damaged SIM card Cost of new Aircel SIM card replacement The cost of new Aircel SIM card as replacement is Rs 25, available in Aircel stores To Get contacts stored in lost, damaged Aircel SIM card If you store any contacts in Aircel SIM and it is damaged or lost, then replace a new Aircel SIM in Aircel stores to get back the contacts.

Aircel Dialer Tunes | Activation , Deactivation codes

Aircel offers caller tune services for both postpaid and prepaid customers which can be activated through sms, call or online portal. Aircel dialer tune costs Rs 30 per month or Rs 15 per 15 days. To activate dialer tunes in Aircel through mobile: Call 53000 from your Aircel mobile number . Call cost is Rs 1 per minute. Hear the song list and choose your favorite song Confirm it by pressing 1 . Charge for Aircel dialer tunes is Rs 30 per month To activate dialer tunes in Aircel through online: Without losing call cost money, you can hear and choose Aircel dialer tunes online Go to Aircel website , Select services → Dialer Tunes Search for the song and click set Provide your mobile number Click forgot password to recieve OTP to your mobile number Your favorite song will be set as dialer tune. Chare Rs 30/month To decativate Aircel dialer tune  From your Aircel mobile number , send an sms DT DACT to 53000 SMS costs is 10 paise. You ca

Aircel: Find my own mobile number in Aircel SIM | USSD code to know my Aircel Mobile number

Finding own mobile number for Aircel SIM card is easy and free of cost, works even if there is no talk time balance in your mobile number The easiest and best method is to use USSD code USSD is nothing but  U nstructured S upplementary S ervice D ata You have to type the USSD code in your home screen . It is similar to dialing a phone number. To find own mobile number in Aircel From your mobile phone with Aircel SIM card, dial the USSD code *131# Press call Button Now your mobile number for Aircel SIM card will be displayed Note it down and save it in contacts for future references This method is free of cost and works even if there is no balance in your main account If the above USSD code is not working for your region, you can also use one of the following USSD codes to know your own mobile number in Aircel SIM. *234*4#  → working for Nort-East, Assam, Delhi, UP, Bihar customers *122*131# → workng for orissa, West Bengal *131# → working for Tamil Nadu

Aircel : Post Paid quick bill pay 3 steps using bill desk in Aircel portal

Now Aircel joined hands with bill desk to enhance the experience of postpaid customers while bill payment. 3 Steps to Pay Aircel Postpaid Bill Quick and Easily: 1.    Go to Aircel- Bill desk Payment website .        Enter Your Mobile number , choose option Pay Bill 2.    Enter you Amount of bill to be paid and choose payment method 3.    Pay your bill, get online confirmation message. You are done with the process. To know how much bill I want to pay, just SMS BILL to 121 or Dial *121# from your postpaid Aircel number.  

Africell : Check Data Balance Validity in Africell | Check MB Balance in Africell Gambia

Africell gGambia Provides variety of data bundles from one month to three month validity. To check the validity of all the data bundles, Africell have an  USSD code. Take your Mobile phone and dial * 137# for checking the data balance in MB and validity of the data pack. This USSD code is applicable to check all the data bundles available in Afrircell like - 20MB for D12; 50MB for D30; 100MB for D45; 200MB for D90; 500MB for D145; 750MB for D195. (Valid for 30 days) - 1GB for D250; 1.5GB for D275; 2GB for D495. (Valid for 45 days) - 4GB for D750 and 12GB for D1,650. (Valid for 60 days) You can also activate these data packs from main talktime balance by dialing *120# from your Africell mobile number. You need to have sufficient talktime balance to activate the data pack

Aircel MCA: Activate , Deactivate Missed call alerts in Aircel through USSD code, SMS | Deactivate Missed Call Alert in Aircel

Missed call alerts in Aircel : Activate or Deactivate If you are in not reachable location or if your phone is switched off condition, you can get missed call alerts through SMS from Aircel once you get back the signal coverage area or switch on your mobile phone. Aircel call this facility as Missed call Alerts. This article describes how to activate , deactivate the service through USSD code method. To Activate missed call Alerts in Aircel: From your Aircel mobile number dial *999# An option   1.Missed call Alert will be displayed Now press 1 in the box and press OK Now you will receive two options , 1.Activate 2.Deactivate Type 1 in the box to activate missed call alert and press OK Again you have to type 1 to confirm your option. The missed call alerts costs Rs 30 per month. You can deactivate missed call alerts on Aircel whenever you want. To deactivate missed call Alerts in Aircel Dial *999# from your Aircel mobile number and select Missed call ale

Aircel: Recharge to another Aircel number from main balance:

Recharge to another Aircel number from main balance: Now it is Easy to gift a rate cutter, 3G, 2G Internet data pack to another Aicel number. Follow the below procedure to recharge rate cutter or Internet data to another Aircel number. Note: A commission fee of 2 rupee to 5 rupee will be deducted in addtion You must have sufficient balance to do the Recharge. Steps: Dial *121# from your Aircel number Choose the option corresponding to Rate cutter and press send. For example, if 5 is for rate-cutter, type 5 in the input box and send  Now choose the option corresponding to Gift a Pack Choose the type of pack you need to recharge to another Aircel number. For example if you want to do Pocket Internet recharge, then choose the corresponding number for Pocket Internet. Now a List of available Pocket Internet packs will be shown. You can choose the desired pack that you want to Gift your friend who has Aircel mobile number. The Pop UP will display a message with

Check Data Balance , Talk time Balance in Aircel , BSNL , Airtel, Vodafone

  To Check Talktime Balance in Aircel : Just Dial *111# from your Aircel mobile number and press send or call Button. All the Balance related information like  Talk Time Balance in Main Account,  SMS Balance  and Validity , 3G Data Balance and Validity Special Account Talk time Balance  will be displayed in your phone. Aircel check balance Note : Some times, you can see 3G Data Balance as 50 MB for example , but validity will not be mentioned. In this case you have to be more careful , because if you believe that you have 50 MB and browse Internet , then money will be deducted from main Account. So, if you have validity as - (hi-fen) , then don't browse Internet. To Check Talktime Balance  in BSNL : To check talktime balance in BSNL prepaid , dial the USSD code *123# To check 2G/3G Internet data balance in BSNL prepaid , dial the USSD code *124*1# To Check Talktime Balance  in Airtel : To check talk time balance in A

Aircel : Voice mail Activation |Setup Call Forward Option | Aircel - Get UPC code online to port to another network

Important information : Aircel terminated its telecom service in India. If you have SIM number and your mobile number, then you can port your current Aircel number to another network by generating UPC code online.  Please visit to get UPC code . If you do not have SIM number, then go to any other network office like Vodafone, Airtel, BSNL. They will help you to port your existing Aircel number to their network. Voice mail : Voice mail is a service provided by most of the mobile network all over the world , to send communications to the receiver even if he is not reachable by leaving a short voice message. The receiver may get an alert notification when he receives a notification, when he got a voice mail from any other user from any mobile networks. He can hear the voice message by dialing the voice mail box number from his mobile number or any land-line number followed by PIN code of voice mailbox. Voice mail

Convert your Current Prepaid plan to postpaid (Vice Versa) without changing the number

Expand your mobile network to see the Procedure for Postpaid to Prepaid migration and Vice Versa. >   Aircel   Aircel makes this migration process very simple through online itself. AIrcel Introduced a new option called design your own plan. YOu can go to the aircel official website and select this option and choose any Prepaid or postpaid plans that suitable for you by providing your current mobile number. WIthin one day AIrcel customer care person will call you and confirm the request and proceed to change the Prepaid to postpaid plan and vice versa. > Vodafone In vodafone the process is Very simple. Just download the below form , fill it and submit in the nearest vodafone store. Vodafone Postpaid to Prepaid Migration Form Here.. Vodafone Prepaid to Prepaid Migration Form Here.. > Airtel   In Airtel you have to approach the nearest Airtel Retail shop to do the conversion or migration process from Prepaid to postpaid and vice versa. No ch

Convert Pay Per Second (PPS) plan from Pay Per Minute Plan in Prepaid

Expand your mobile network to see the complaint numbers of customer helpline number. >   Aircel   For Aircel, ERC of 18 Rupees will make the Aircel Prepaid mobile into life time pay per second plan. . > Vodafone In Vodafone Pay Per Second is alternatively called as Per Second Pulse. You can do a ERC of 44 INR to change to Per second Pulse scheme with lifetime validity. But Just Inquire with your customer care before doing this recharge. > Airtel   If you are calling from Airtel mobile then call to toll free number 198 If you call from other network , call  9810012345  for Postpaid related complaints and queries and call 9810198101  for Prepaid related problems and issues. >   Tata DoCoMo For Docomo, there is no Pay Per Minute plan. All Tata Docomo prepaids are of pay per second plan. I have to remind the Docomo is the first network to introduce Pay per second plan. Due to market competition all other Indian networks shifted

Airtel : To Contact Airtel Customer Care from Other networks : Airtel ,Aircel ,Vodafone ,BSNL ,Reliance ,Idea and Uninor

>To contact Airtel customer care If you are calling from Airtel mobile then call to toll free number 198 If you call from other network , call  9810012345 for Postpaid related complaints and queries and call 9810198101 for Prepaid related problems and issues. >To contact Vodafone customer care If you are calling from Vodafone mobile number then Dial toll free complaint number 198 If you are trying to call from other mobile network then call to 9811098110 >To contact Aircel customer care If you are calling from Aircel mobile number then Dial toll free complaint number 198 or Aircel Helpline number 121 If you want to call Aircel helpline from other mobile network then refer this page to select the complaint number for your state or circle. If your complaint is not solved by customer care, you can escalate this issue to Aircel Grievance Redressal which is also called as Appellate authority. Just you need to drop an email You can find the email a

Transfer talktime balance from One mobile number to Other with USSD code

You can transfer talk time from your main account to another mobile number of same network . This option is available in all mobile networks. List of mobile networks with the Procedure to Transfer Talktime balance from one mobile to another mobile > How to transfer balance in Aircel ? We can transfer balance in different available denominations starting from 5 Rs to 100 Rs.  And transfer charge will be charged based on the denominations. Follow the step by step procedure to Transfer the balance. Secret USSD code for balance transfer in Aircel is *122*666# When You press 1 and confirm , the balance will be transferred to the balance account. > How to transfer balance in Vodafone ? Call  *131*<MRP>*<Receiver number># For example. *131*25*9655863558# Commission fee vary from 1 rs to 3 Rs based on the amount you transfer > How to transfer balance in Airtel ? Dial *141# and choose Transfer talk time