Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Troubleshoot: Pen drive not detecting in Android

When there were only windows OS laptops and Symbian operated mobile phones, we had to transfer the files from pen drive to PC and then to mobile phone by means of USB connecting cable.

But, Once Android entered into the game, the scenario changes.
We can directly connect the Pen drive to Android smartphones by means of OTG (On the GO ) cables and transfer the files directly.

Even though we can directly connect the USB drive directly to the phones, lot of us are facing difficulties to transfer files through this method.

The following troubleshooting method might help you to spot out the issue and let you to solve it and transfer your files from Pen drive to Android smartphone and Smarphone to Pen drive easily.

Method 1 :

Ensure that your pen-drive is formatted using FAT 32 method. If it is formatted using NTFS method, then Android phones could not detect your pendrive.

You can check it by inserting the Pen drive in some laptops or PC and to check it in the properties.

Solution is to copy the data in local drive, reformat into FAT 32 method, recopy the file and connect it to the Android device.

Method 2:
  • Root your Android phone
  • Install NTFS mounter app in your phone
  • Connect the pendrive with your android device
  • Transfer the data

Method 3:

Check whether your mobile phone has the capability to connect with USB drive. Some classic old modeled Android devices do not support OTG cabled USB drive connection.

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