Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Meaning of Up Down Arrows in signal bar | Android Mobile

Have you ever noticed two small arrows on the signal bar of your Android smart phones.
In some of the phones, these arrows will appear very near to the signal bar.

Here is the meaning of those small cute arrows:

Arrow Facing upwards :

It means that data is transferred from your mobile phone into Internet. Yes, you are uploading some information from your phone to Internet. The uploading data might be Small texts that you send on Whatsapp or large video file you are uploading to Facebook.

UP down arrows mwaning in android phone
So now, just check this with the following examples :
1.Enable internet on your phone , Go to and type something. While typing the keyword, you can notice the up arrow will be displayed . It means that the search term is uploaded from your mobile to internet.
2.Upload an Image to Whatsapp. You can observe the up arrow appearing again.

Arrow Facing downwards:
Obviously as you guessed, the down arrow means that you are downloading some data . The data may vary from a "Hi" message in whatsapp to a big torrent file.

So , Hereafter you can easily check whether the data transmission is happening or not , using this two small arrows.

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