Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Tips to Avoid Smartphone addiction | Stop Over usage of Mobile Phones

Experiencing and using smartphone technology is not bad. But over usage of smartphones becomes addiction and at a point of time, the time will not move without smartphone in the hand.

So, stopping the over usage of smartphones and coming out of this addiction is very important. Living in virtual world is very dangerous and lead to a depressed mentality.

This article deals with the top working methods to avoid phone addiction.

>Low Battery Mode Trick

This low battery mode method will work for most of us.

The trick is ,Do not charge the smartphone to 100 % every day. Just charge it to 60 to 70 percent only.

So, if you over use it, the phone will quickly come to low battery mode and this make a small necessity to stop using your phone to avoid immediate switch off.
This will rapidly reduce your phone usage in few days.

>Weekly Uninstalling Top Using Apps

Experience as many apps as you need and addict to whatever apps you wish throughout the week.
At the end of the week or one fine day just view the usage of apps. This can be viewed by Settings – Battery.
Tell yourself Bravo!! And boldly uninstall one of the top used app of the week. Whether it is a game, social networking app or any app.

Immediately you will realize how much time you can get more, by doing this bravo activity. Obviously you can spend these time in other things.
Do this uninstall activity weekly. It will give an excellent result to stop phone addiction.

>Use websites instead of apps

This is the most efficient technique for guys who addicted for social networking or particular website app.
Apps like Facebook, Google plus, twitter, Quora can be accessed with their websites itself. So, just uninstall those apps . So, you won’t receive any notifications in the home screen from these apps and there is no urge to open these apps frequently. 
You can visit these websites only if you wish and not because of their notification

>Stay out of themes and photo editing apps

A recent study reveals that most of the time spent in smartphone is in choosing the best themes for your phone and the next one is photo editing activities.

Generally these two activities won’t give immediate satisfaction and permanent satisfaction , resulting in spending too much time on these apps.

 So, it is better to uninstall photo editing apps and stop searching for new themes. Just keep a default simple theme.

>Reset Cache of highly addicted game

This trick is a bit psychological. Just say you are addicted with a game that is based on high scores like subway surfers or level up game like candy crush.

The same Bravo activity again. Just go to Settings – Apps- Clear cache of the game. So, the high scores and locked levels will be cleared.

Sure, the mind-set will be changed at once you clear the cache of the game. You will lose the interest suddenly to play the game again to gain such high scores or levels to unlock.
That’s it. You just came out of game addiction

>Stop notifications for Texting apps like Whatsapp

Notifications from apps generally motivates you to open the app and spend time in it. So for texting apps like WhatsApp, stop the group notification or mute it.

So, you will avoid frequent opening of those apps and open it only when you wish.
This will help for those who addicted to WhatsApp

>Remove home screen widgets

Those who are interested in experiencing new apps should frequently check their app collections and uninstall the less used apps.

Do this activity weekly. Keeping the home screen clean and widget free home screen will give you a clear mind set and avoid unnecessary opening of apps

All these tricks are shared by experience and working well.