Friday, March 13, 2015

Dual mic Noise Reduction in Android Smartphones

 Smart phone noise reduction

Dual mic Noise Reduction
You might have seen some option called Dual mic Noise Reduction ON and Dual Mic noise reduction off in your Android smartphone settings.

What is Dual Mic Noise Reduction :
Dual Mic Noise Reduction is a technology used by latest Smartphones in order to reduce the ambient ( surrounding) noise and send the clear voice to the other side while speaking a call in noisy environment like traffic jams and other Noisy Market area.

How Dual Mic Noise reduction works :
If you closely look at your smartphone, you can see two microphones located. One near at the front side bottom corner and other one at backside most probably just below the camera lens.
So, if you enable the Dual Mic noise reduction option in call settings, at noisy environments both mics receive noise from surroundings at similar level and subtracted from each other by connecting the microphones out of phase. But the voice of the person will be larger as the primary mic will be placed very near to the mouth. So, the person who hears the voice at opposite will hear more clear voice without any noise even in the noisy environment.

How to enable Noise reduction :
  • Go to settings - Call Settings - Other settings. In Noise reduction category, check the tick mark (Enable) Dual mic noise reduction .
  • You can disable this using this same procedure anytime. But I advice to keep the setting always on to get better voice call experience.