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NX Tutorial : To Copy curves to excel . word from NX Unigraphics Drafting

Copy curves to excel or word from NX Unigraphics If you want to make a PPT or Excel presentation using the sketch curves that are used in NX , there is a simple option available to do so. Ensure that you are in Drafting mode before copying the curves. Open NX Unigraphics Go to Drafting mode . Important thing is it will work only in Drafting mode and not in any other modules. In the drawing sheet , hide the unwanted curves and keep only the curves you need to copy in Excel or PPT presentation. Now In NX Menu Bar select Edit → Copy DIsplay Now Go to Excel or word document and press Ctrl+V to paste the curves Right click on the picture and select Edit Picture to break the curves into multiple segments so that it will become very easy to edit. This procedure can be used in Powerpoint, Word and Excel doucments.

NX Drafting: Invalid annotation specified in entry field | To add diameter symbol , greater than > , less than < symbol in UG NX Drafting

To add diameter symbol in NX In NX Drafting application, select Text Editor Option. In text box type <O> to get the diameter symbol You can also select the diameter symbol in text editor symbols list If you want diameter symbol in NX before dimensions, double click the dimension and in Settings enable diameter option. NX Error :" Invalid annotation specified in entry field " If we want to enter a note which contains greater than symbol "<" or less than symbol ">" or sometimes both "<text" , NX will show an error and will not allow you to add the symbols when you type them in the Text note editor. Why is this happening UG NX software uses this symbol for syntax for introducing some special characters. For example, syntax for adding Phi (to represent diameter ) is <O> , for adding omega symbol is <$2> So if we simply add the symbol < , > or <xyz> the software will imagine you are tr

Create arrangements in UG NX : Arrangement vs Explosion

Arrangement Vs Explosion  In UG NX there are two options provided to work with the Assembly structure . Both Arrangements and Explosions performs the same operation which is to re-position the components in new positions . But arrangement has one additional control of suppressing the unwanted components for a particular arrangement. How to create arrangement in UG NX : Open the assembly and load all the components present in the assembly Go to Assemblies - Components - Arrangements Create a new arrangement and now move the components that you want to change the position in the current arrangement Suppress the unwanted components  Check often by switching to the default arrangement and ensure that the initial orientations are not altered. To use Arrangement in a drawing : In Drafting application, Choose create base view option. In dialog box, pick the arrangement for the drawing view If you have created a model view , you can also select it in the same dialog

Shortcuts in UG NX Unigraphics

Basic File operation  shortcuts in UG NX Unigraphics Command  Shortcut Key Outline Ctrl+N  To Creates a new file which may be part,assy,drawing, fem,sim etc. Ctrl+O To Opens an existing file. Ctrl+S Saves the work part and any modified components. Ctrl+U Runs an NX Open program. Ctrl+Q Exists the Sketch task environment and propagates any changes. Ctrl+Z Undoes the last action. Ctrl+Y Redoes the previously undone action. Ctrl+C Copies the selected objects onto the clipboard. Ctrl+V Pastes objects from the clipboard. Ctrl+D Deletes objects. Ctrl+A Selects all visible objects, based on the selection filter. Ctrl+B Makes selected objects invisible in the display. Ctrl+Shift+B Reverses the hidden status of all objects on selectable layers. Ctrl+Shift+K Makes selected objects visible in the display. Ctrl+Shift+U Shows all objects on selectable layers. Ctrl+W Shows or hides objects by type.

NX: To Create Exploded View in NX UG Unigraphics

Exploded View in NX UG -Unigraphics : Explosion is used in NX to explode the components of an assembly for illustration purpose which can be used further in drawing. To create exploded View in UG NX: Open the assembly you want to create the exploded View Ensure the assembly options is enabled Go to Assemblies - Exploded Views - Show Explosion tool bar Click on Create new explosion  Now a new set of tools will be opened which contains hide, show, move icons Use the options in Explosion toolbar to create the explosion by moving the components in the desired  position and hide the unwanted components. Save the exploded View To import the exploded View in Drawing View Now switch to Drafting application Choose create base view option In the view creation dialog box , select the explosion that you have created. As a best practice, you can create a model view and associate it with the explosion that will be very much helpful when you use them in the drawing views

Unigraphics NX : Important Shortcut keys for basic operations in UG NX Unigraphics

To start Sketch in task Environment : Clicking the Sketch icon or the shortcut key S Creates a sketch and enters the Sketch task environment. Sketcher tools like line, arc , circle etc will be enabled once the Sketch environment is started. To extrude the Sketch or Existing curves : Clicking on the Extrude or the shortcut key X Creates a feature by extruding a section along a defined direction. To revolve the created sketch or revolve a set of curves in a plane : Clicking on Revolve icon or the shortcut key R creates a new feature by revolving a section about a particular defined axis. To cut or trim a portion of sheet in Unigraphics NX: The option Trimmed Sheet with shortcut key T Trims off a portion of a sheet body using curves, faces, or a datum plane. Variational Sweep Variational Sweep option with shortcut V Create a body by sweeping a cross section along a path where the shape of the section varies along the path. To move or transform objects: