Monday, February 2, 2015

Android: Enable | Disable Safety Recovery mode

To start Android phone in safe mode

As similar to Safety mode in Windows OS in personal computer and laptop, we can use our Android phones also in safety or recovery mode.
In this mode, only default apps which were installed during the purchase of phone will work in this mode.

Method 1:
  • Some of the Android versions will ask for a popup like , "Restart in safety mode" when you press the power off button and select shutdown or power off option.
  • If your android version does not have this option , try for method 2

Method 2:
  • Turn off your mobile phone using normal shutdown option by pressing power button
  • Now restart it again.
  • Once the manufacturer logo like Samsung, Nokia,Xolo,lava, Moto appears press and hold volume down button.
  • A popup will occur that you are going to enter in the safety mode and if you give OK, you will be entered in to the safety recovery mode.

How to disable and come out of Safety mode:
  • To come out of safety mode, you just need to restart your mobile phone and it will automatically enter in to the normal mode with all the installed apps running as usual.

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