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Best Practices for Keeping your online data safe and to protect your privacy

→Do's Whether it is an email or online net banking or bill payment portal login, Always the password you set should contain a minimum of 8 and maximum of 15 characters comprise of characters taken from at least 3 of 4 groups, containing at least one uppercase character (A-Z) at least one lowercase character (a-z) at least one number (0-9) at least one special character (!, @, #, $, ^, &, *, ~, space) →Dont's Your password should NOT be: same as your user name or full name a word in any language containing single quotes (') or double quotes (") based on personal information, names of family members, etc. difficult to remember You could create a password based on a song title, an affirmation, or some other phrase. (e.g., "myLaptop" or better "Atging!", which is short for: "All that glitters is not gold!". (This is an example; start creating your own!)  Don't reveal your password : over

Excel Tricks: Convert Lowercase to Uppercase in MS Excel with Shortcut

Convert Lowercase to Uppercase in MS Excel It is not possible to directly convert upper case to lower case letters and lowercase to upper case letter in Excel itself . It may be possible with help of some macros. But for time being we can follow a shortcut procedure to accomplish the task. Follow the below procedure to convert lowercase to upper case and vice-versa in MS excel. 1.Copy the row or column of text which you need to convert Small to capital letters or Vice-versa. 2.Now open MS word or MS outlook (HTML view) 3.Paste the data that you copied in MS excel 4.Select All the data by pressing Ctrl+A 5.Now press Shift+F3 , If only first letter is changed to different case, again press Shift+F3 one more time. 6.Now all the selected data will be converted into alternate case. 7.Now select all the data (Ctrl+A) and copy it. 8.Go back to excel, select the first row or column where the data should be entered and Paste the data (Ctrl+V) 9.You can choos

Excel : Not able to Pick Objects, Chart in MS Excel

Difficulty Faced: While working in Excel workbook, Sometimes we cannot pick any objects like charts, Pictures, Autoshapes etc Troubleshooting Method : Method 1 :   Go to Find and Pick Select Objects option. Now go and try to pick the objects you want to select. If still you are not able to select the objects like auto-shapes, charts and other picture objects try method 2. Method 2: Check whether your Excel workbook is in shared status. If it is in shared status, near the file name of , it will be displayed as shared with square brackets as shown below. Now Go to Review - Share work book - Uncheck the sharing option - save the workbook. Then try to select the objects . Caution: Ensure no body is using this file while you are removing the sharing status. If anybody is using this file at the same time, request him to save and close the file to proceed with method 2. Tips : If you want to select more than one objects at a time, Press ctrl key and sele

Google Chrome : Hidden Game without Internet connection in Chrome Offline

Have You ever noticed a default offline game is hidden inside our Google Chrome Browser. Here is the trick to how to open that classical dinosaur jump game which is hidden in every Google Chrome Browser for both Desktop and mobile versions. Step 1: Disconnect your Internet connection and mobile data connection. Because, this game works only when there is no internet connection. Step 2:  Open your Google Chrome Browser. Step 3:  Type any web address like and press Enter or GO Step 4:  Now a message screen like below will be displayed with a dinosaur symbol and a message , Unable to connect to the Internet.  Google Chrome can’t display the webpage because your computer isn’t connected to the Internet. Step 5: Just press Space Bar for Desktop version or Tap on that dinosaur for Mobile version. Hurray.. the Classical Jump Game Started now and you can score as high as you can. You can surprise your friend by showing this default offline game hi

MS Excel : TroubleShoot: Not able to merge cells in Excel

This article helps you to merge cells in Excel by troubleshooting the Error. While working in excel file, if the Merge and centre option is disabled or if the software shows error like cannot merge the selected cells, then we have to troubleshoot using the following technique. Error: Not able to merge cells in a shared workbook Cause : Your Excel workbook may be in Shared status. Reason: If someone merged the cells in a Excel file which is in shared status, then it may result in conflict if two or more people work on the same cells at a time. So, Smart minds of Microsoft decided to disable this Merge and center option while the Excel Workbook is shared status. Troubleshoot : First Ensure no body is currently opened and working in this Excel WorkSheet .  You can check this by clicking Review - Share Workbook.  The window opened now should show only your name in the list. If anybody opened that excel workbook, ask him to save and close the file. Now Uncheck the

Google Chrome : Reduce Data usage in Chrome mobile browser

In some countries, Internet data tariff is very high which some times go beyond the budget of the user. To overcome this, Google chrome has recently came up with a new option called " Reduce Data Usage ".Initially the option is introduced only in Chrome Beta version for mobile phones. Now the option has been introduced in standard version too. How to enable this Reduce Data Usage Option : Open Google Chrome Browser in your mobile. Tap the menu button of your smartphone that shows the list of menu. Choose settings - Reduce Data Usage Swap the Option to ON which will be intially in OFF status. We are done. You can monitor anytime, how much data is reduced while you are browsing in Google Chrome Browser. How this Data Reduction Works : Usually, websites will contain Images with high quality for enhanced viewing in desktop , laptop like big screens. If we are visiting those websites using mobile phones, it is sufficient if the image siz

To stop Locking Windows screen after 10 minutes of Inactivity

This trick is probably helpful for those who watches a full length movie in windows media player and those who want their screen active and unlocked even if they go for tea break during their working time to escape from their boss. Here is the simple trick to stop locking the Windows 7 Screen after 10 minutes of inactivity. Step 1 : Right click on Desktop , Click Personalize , Go inside Screen saver. Ensure whether your screen saver is set for a long time duration or never went off. Remove the Check mark in the option , on display show log in screen. Step 2: If you don't have administrator rights to change the screen saver settings , use this trick. Open windows media player Go to Tools -- Options . In Player tab, Uncheck Allow screen saver during playback. You are done. Now you can open some mp3 or audio files in media player, Keep it in repeat mode, mute the sound and switch off your monitor. Your computer will never lock automatically until you close wi

Adobe: Change language in Adobe PDF Reader

To Change language in Adobe PDF reader : Sometimes, knowingly or unknowingly , the language of Adobe PDF reader may have change from English in to other languages like català, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Croatian, Czech, dansk, Deutsch, español, euskara, français, Hungarian, italiano, Japanese, Korean, Nederlands, norsk (bokmål), Polish, Português, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, suomi, svenska,  Turkish, Ukrainian Follow the below procedure to change the language back to English or to one of your above listed language. Step 1 : Open Adobe PDF reader. Step 2: Go to Edit - Preferences , or Press Ctrl + K Step 3: In the Preference window, select International category among the list show in left side.             You can also see in the below screen shot of Preference list Step 4: Now, For application Language , select Choose at application start-up. Step 5: Now restart Adobe PDF reader Step 6: The software will ask you to choose the des

Best Double click Dictionary addon - Firecfox | Chrome

What is Dictionary Add-on : Add on or Extension is an additional feature to the internet browser that can be manually added by the user according to his wish and need. Most of the non-native English speakers may find difficulty while reading a book or article in Internet browsers. If we need a meaning to a particular word, we need to copy it or search it in Google to find its meaning and comeback to reading the article or book. This process will distract the reading and reduce the enjoyment of reading. To overcome, this , the best dictionary resource online have introduced an add on called dictionary add on. Once we install this add on and enable it in the internet browser, just we can double click on a word which automatically displays the meaning of that word. It will enhance the reading experience of the article. The Add-on is completely trusted, user-friendly, and free from advertisements. How to Install the Dictionary Addon : To install dict

Tips to Protect Email Account From Spammers , Phisers

Privacy should be Privacy Always : If you are using an email account, whether it is personal account or Business email account it is very necessary to protect against the online spammers and phishing attackers. Most of the problem is because of clicking on links without knowing where it is linked. So , it is better to stay away from such unknown emails to protect individuals privacy. Tips to Protect Email Account: Here is some of the basic tips that should be followed regularly to protect the email account from unknown online spammers. Do not open mails from anonymous senders related to advertisements, lotteries etc Do not give your email address in any other online public forum Change the password periodically Keep the password with Alphanumeric and SPecial characters with minimum 6 to 9 characters Do not share your email password with anyone Do not write your password anywhere like your personal dairies or sticky notes etc Be careful while dow

Try This: No need to memorize Short Cut Keys for Microsoft Office tools

Here after, we don’t need to memorize lot of shortcut keys to work on Microsoft office tools. If you want to perform a specific operation using keyboard while working with any one of the Microsoft office software like Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, Word Etc. then just   press Alt key for 2 seconds . Then all the icons in the screen will be highlighted with specific numbers. + ILLUSTARION: (Example) For example if I want to Insert an picture through keyboard shortcut in Microsoft outlook, then following are the steps I need to perform. Press Alt key and release it. Now you can see N symbol is highlighted near Insert. So, I press N. Now you  can see P symbol is highlighted near the Picture . SO I press P. Then as usual I select the picture from the computer to insert In the message area. This technique works in all latest versions of Microsoft office. Check whether it is working in your package and utilize it effectively. We can work littl

Evolution of Graham Bell's Telephone to Today's Smartphone

The scientist who had discovered telegraph or Alexander Graham Bell who invented might not never ever dreamt about the evolution of the telephone in to a completely different shape with such a ultra performing Smart phones. Mankind loses the tail during the process of evoultion, likewise , telephone loses its keypad in a short span of its evolutionary process. In future, there is no wonder, even if it loose its screen which results in touch-less smart gadget. Here is the brief timeline of the Evolution of smart phones that we are using now. >   Telephonic Era Even Before Alexander Graham Bell , many scientists had contributed in the invention of telephone. But Finally Telegraph had an evolution to telephone in 1874 by Graham Bell. Within 150 years that Graham Bell's telephone has been morpholized into a smart shape with ultra smart features. > Radio Phone Era After the invention of telephone , there was a gradual infrastructure development in t

How Internet Giants like Google, Facebook, Youtube , Wikipedia make money for their free services.

We may sometime wonder how the websites like Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Facebook etc make money even if they provide their service for free of cost. Here is the scene behind the screen. >   Youtube You can wonder youtube doesn't cost you any fee for watching their videos , then how do they make profit. Youtube earns lot of revenue using the following strategies. You might have notice 1 to 2 minute advertisement at the starting of majority of youtube videos. Those advertisement videos are sponsored by third party companies and they pay youtube for displaying their ads in Youtube videos. Youtube give some percentage of money to the video uploaded person and keep remaining money as commission. Apart from this youtube earn some amount of money through paid movies. > Google Google provides almost all of its services like Search, Gmail, Google+ , chrome for free of cost But they are the one who makes a lot of profit using these services. They display adver

Whatsapp : Hide Last seen | Double Blue tick | Disable Online Status | Block particular number | Send scheduled messages

Whatsapp android come PC application now allows their users to keep their privacy secretly by introducing two new options. Now we can remove last seen time from Whatsapp so that other people including your friends cannot see the last seen time. You can also remove double Blue tick symbol in messages from your friends so the read status of their message will not be known until you make a reply to him. Apart from these two options you can also block a particular mobile number if you feel that you receive lot of nuisance and disturbance from that particular number. Disable and Remove Last seen Message, hide delivery status and Double Blue Check Symbol: Open Whatsapp and go to settings - Account - Privacy . Here you can see a set of options. Among these options, select Last seen and choose Nobody. It means that Nobody including your friends cannot see your online availability in Whatsapp. They can't see Double Blue tick symbol even if you have seen his

How to log out off facebook remotely on other forgot mobile device or PC laptop ?

Issue:  I forgot to log out on my friends mobile when I  signed into facebook. (or) I forgot to sign out facebook in a public computer or other family member’s laptop. How can I sign out from all other devices remotely from my mobile or laptop?   Solution: 1.Go to facebook and login with your username and  password.  2.Click Account settings (Gear button) in the right corner. For mobile apps and mobile site it may be in different place  3.Now a list of option like log in notifications , log in approvals will be displayed. At the last , you should see a option Where you logged in.Click that option. 4.Now a list of devices , your facebook account currently signed in will be shown.  5.Give end activity other than current session.  6.That’s it. You signed out of that other device that you forgot to sign out. Related tags:  Check active login devices of facebook account forget to logout of facebook on another computer forgot to log off facebook forgot

How to know other's mobile number balance in BSNL online ?

Update : This trick is not working anymore, as BSNL improved the website design and removed this bug.At first this bug was existed in both quick recharge adn standard recharge method. But after the upgradation of new bsnl portal, the option to know balance through online is eliminated.  Procedure to find balance of any prepaid BSNL number in India : 1.Go to website. It is the official BSNL website to do online recharges and to pay landlines and broadband internet bills. 2.Now, select the option BSNL PRERPAID MOBILE RECHARGE. 3.If you already have log in and password for BSNL portal, use it.  Otherwise select the option quick recharge. 4.Here give the BSNL mobile number which you want to check the talk time Balance. First test it with your BSNL number , so you easily believe it. 5.Once you enter mobile number , select Next. Here you need to give some denomination value . It’s your wish, because you are not going to complet

Ten Things Google made Simple And Easier using the Google's SEARCH BOX

1.Google’s route show Google’s route show is a feature of Google map. But for simplicity , we can access the route information directly in Google search box itself. Just we need   to type the start and destination place with a keyword to in between the two places. If we are searching places between countries and continents, flight maps and information will be displayed. At the same time, if we search local places and destinations, we can get information and route including local trains, local bus route, walkable routes etc. Illustration: In Google search box, type barcelona to paris How many flights, their times, duration of journey, route map will be displayed. Sometime bus route , train route may be displayed based on the availability. All the keywords i have typed in this article are lower cases. This is to illustrate Google accepts both small and upper case keywords from the user. In future Google may simplify more things for us to get the informat

Ten Things Google made Simple And Easier using the Google's SEARCH BOX

4.Unit Convertor   This function is similar to calculator function. It contains variety of units like time, weight, length, computer data units like MB to GB conversion and so on. Illustration: In Google search box, type unit convertor Unit convertor will appear with from and to boxes. You can select the desired units you want to know. Just try to convert miles into kilometers using this box. This would be really fun. 3.Currency Conversion   Currency conversion is a part of unit conversion. But it has an extra peculiar feature that is history of the currency values will be shown in graph for past ten years and more. Illustration: In Google search box, type 1$= After the currency box appears, you can choose variety of currency values you need to compare with your country currency. 2.Google’s Knowledge graph   Google knowledge graph receives both positive and negative comments from the critics. It simplifies the search thirst