Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Whatsapp : Hide Last seen | Double Blue tick | Disable Online Status | Block particular number | Send scheduled messages

Whatsapp android come PC application now allows their users to keep their privacy secretly by introducing two new options.

Now we can remove last seen time from Whatsapp so that other people including your friends cannot see the last seen time.
You can also remove double Blue tick symbol in messages from your friends so the read status of their message will not be known until you make a reply to him.
Apart from these two options you can also block a particular mobile number if you feel that you receive lot of nuisance and disturbance from that particular number.

Disable and Remove Last seen Message, hide delivery status and Double Blue Check Symbol:

  1. Open Whatsapp and go to settings - Account - Privacy.
  2. Here you can see a set of options.
  3. Among these options, select Last seen and choose Nobody. It means that Nobody including your friends cannot see your online availability in Whatsapp.
  4. They can't see Double Blue tick symbol even if you have seen his message. But they can see the delivered symbol that is grey color double tick.
  5. If you choose contacts Only, then the people who are in your contact list can see your presence in Whatsapp.
The feature is made with some special condition , that is if you activate hide last seen option, then you cannot see your friends last seen time .

Block a particular Contact in Whatsapp:

If you do not want to receive message from a particular whatsapp number, then you can add them in the block list. The block list can be set in Settings - Account - Privacy -Messaging (Blocked Contacts)

Trick to see last seen of Your friends:

Even if you disabled last seen message, there is a trick to see your friends last seen timestamp. Yes, the trick is you have to temporarily enable last seen stamp and go your friends last seen message, then immediately come back to settings and disable last seen to Nobody.
This does not work if your friend also disabled last seen option.

To Hide , Disable Online status , send schedule whatsapp messages

Even if you set the last seen to Nobody, the online status will be shown. There is no option to hide or disable online status in whatsapp . But if you use Whatsapp plus , then you can get some additional options including hiding online status to be invisible, to send scheduled birthday wishes etc.

But whatspp official team do not encourage to use whatsapp plus because it may contain some bugs which causes privacy issue.

To Recall or delete Whatsapp sent message

There are two cases.
  • If your message is already sent from your mobile phone ( If you see single tick or grey double tick or blue double tick) , then you cannot delete or recall the message.
  • If your message is not yet sent to the whatsapp server ( If you see clock symbol near the message) , then you can immediately delete to the message to prevent sending to the recipient.

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