Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Evolution of Graham Bell's Telephone to Today's Smartphone

The scientist who had discovered telegraph or Alexander Graham Bell who invented might not never ever dreamt about the evolution of the telephone in to a completely different shape with such a ultra performing Smart phones.

Mankind loses the tail during the process of evoultion, likewise , telephone loses its keypad in a short span of its evolutionary process. In future, there is no wonder, even if it loose its screen which results in touch-less smart gadget.
Here is the brief timeline of the Evolution of smart phones that we are using now.

> Telephonic Era
  • Even Before Alexander Graham Bell , many scientists had contributed in the invention of telephone. But Finally Telegraph had an evolution to telephone in 1874 by Graham Bell.
  • Within 150 years that Graham Bell's telephone has been morpholized into a smart shape with ultra smart features.
>Radio Phone Era
  • After the invention of telephone , there was a gradual infrastructure development in the land-line telephone structures which tried to connect the world by wires. 
  • Side by side new inventions like will phone and Radio phone were given birth which laid the foundation for cell phone era
>Brick Cell Phone Era
  • Finally the first commercial mobile phone was used in 1941 , which was a huge brick like size with an antenna in its head. Industries had realized the power of that brick phone very soon and develop the infrastructures like cell phone towers in the Urban area of the western countries.
  • Industries started investing in manufacturing units of the phones. But because of high cost, it took some time to take the heat up.
  • Bell labs were the First company to started manufacturing Chips for first generation cell phones and AT&T was the First subscriber company which provided network for the users in 1960s
>Handheld Phone Era
  • In the late of 1970s western countries started to manufacture hand-phones in large scales.
  • Gradually the brick-phone became to mini brick and finally to hand held phone.
  • Unique numbers were provided to the users and new network providers emerged in the various part of the world
  • In late 1990s companies like Nokia,Motorola lead the market and add variety of models of cell phones in the market.
> Smart Phone Era
  • Smart phone Era has begun already. Key pads in the phones become an endangered feature. At any time the hand-phone may be completely vanished from the market. Touch screen has made ease to use the features of mobile phone more easily and with fun too.
  • The first touch screen mobile was introduced by IBM with a name called SIMON. So , it made a breakthrough in the evolution of Smartphone.
  • Smartphones not only vanished the hand phone era. It almost suppressed most of the electronic gadgets like calculator, camera,watch,calendar etc.

> Future of smartphone era
  • In future it is expected that there is no more screens for smartphones. 
  • Screen less phones is one concept of future.
  • On the otherhand, companies like Google, Samsung try to force the watch like smartphones into the market. But it will not take too much time to see the next era of telephone.

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