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Fair Usage Policy (FUP) Meaning | 2G and 3G Unlimited Plans

Fair Usage Policy Fair usage Policy (FUP) is the term used by Indian Telecom networks which defines the bandwidth cap for unlimited Internet plans provided by the respective mobile networks. Detailed Description of FUP with example: This Fair usage policy is widely used by all mobile networks including Aircel, Airtel, BSNL, Vodafone, Docomo, Uninor , Idea Cellular , Reliance GSM etc. All the mobile networks provide unlimited Internet plans for their customers. But they have a check point with the term Fair usage policy. For example, they will allow you to browse with high speed (full bandwidth) up-to 10 GB. Beyond 10 GB  they will set a bandwidth cap like 64 Kbps or 128 Kbps . This is also called as Throttled speed. SO , if you have crossed the limit, your browsing speed will drastically reduce below this bandwidth cap. Fair usage Policy is framed to serve equal speed to all customers. If any one user download huge data , then other users will be affected. To av

Evolution of Graham Bell's Telephone to Today's Smartphone

The scientist who had discovered telegraph or Alexander Graham Bell who invented might not never ever dreamt about the evolution of the telephone in to a completely different shape with such a ultra performing Smart phones. Mankind loses the tail during the process of evoultion, likewise , telephone loses its keypad in a short span of its evolutionary process. In future, there is no wonder, even if it loose its screen which results in touch-less smart gadget. Here is the brief timeline of the Evolution of smart phones that we are using now. >   Telephonic Era Even Before Alexander Graham Bell , many scientists had contributed in the invention of telephone. But Finally Telegraph had an evolution to telephone in 1874 by Graham Bell. Within 150 years that Graham Bell's telephone has been morpholized into a smart shape with ultra smart features. > Radio Phone Era After the invention of telephone , there was a gradual infrastructure development in t

Difference between Signals G , E , H , H+ , 3G, 4G and R symbols for Mobile Network Internet Signal Symbols , Change E to H

If there is an additional letter found at the right top of the Signal Bar of our Mobile phone, it indicates that apart from Voice call we can send data Transmission through the mobile phone that is nothing but through Internet Browsing. Depending upon the Tower Capability in our location, we can get different symbols near the Signal Bar like G,E,R,3G,H,H+,4G etc, How to change "e" in mobile network type into "h", "g" : In your smartphone Go to Settings → More networks → Mobile networks Choose Network mode and change it from GSM to WCDMA or 3G only Now switch on the mobile data to get high speed signal H, H+ or 3G in your smartphone Ensure that your region has 3G coverage to receive high speed signal. Summary: Signal Type Expansion , Download Speed 2G GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) Maximum Download Speed : 2 KB/s G GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) Maximum Download Speed : 7 KB/s E

Vodafone :Unlimited Free minute and 1 GB 3G data night packs

Here is the best 3G browsing pack for one night and unlimited calling pack for night in Vodafone prepaid. Expand the topic to know more about the plans. You can recharge them in Vodafone online m-shop website. >Unlimited Free local on-net minutes for one Night In recharge bonus card with MRP of Rs 9, Benefit will be Free unlimited night Local V2V calls between 00:00 hrs to 6:00 hrs, Bonus card is valid for 1 day, Recharge mode is E-Recharge/Online. You will get the confirmation of recharge within 15 mins, benefit will be credited into your account within 4 hours. Free unlimited night Local V2V calls between 00:00 hrs to 6:00 hrs. For all recharge modes (E top-Up,online) the activation time remains the same as above. >1 GB High speed 3G data for one night In recharge bonus card with MRP of Rs 9, Benefit will be Free unlimited night Local V2V calls between 00:00 hrs to 6:00 hrs, Bonus card is valid for 1 day, Recharge mod

Android Phone: To change SIM 2 slot into WCDMA 3G Signal in dual SIM smarphones

Before trying to enable 3G signal in SIM 2 slot, we have to ensure that you smartphone manufacturer has availed this option for your phone. You can see it in your phone specifications in phone manual or in some online websites. It is not possible to use 3G is both sim at a time What is WCDMA sim slot :   In Dual SIM smartphone, only one SIM slot can be activated with high speed internet or WCDMA means (Wideband Code Division Multiple Access) . In some smartphones, it is interchangeable. But in some smartphones, primary sim is WCDMA / GSM and secondary sim is only for GSM (low speed internet  connection like 2G, EDGE) If it is clearly provided that   SIM 1 Slot is for WCDMA and SIM 2 Slot is of GSM type, then this procedure will not work most probably. The only solution is to swap (Change the sim cards between the slots and use your desired 3G sim card in Primary SIM 1 slot. Mostly dual SIM phones with high end specifications has this 3G Switching option and ph

Vodafone : Night Internet Packs - Gujarat , Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh

The mentioned night packs are applicable only between 12 AM and 6 AM. These Vodafone 2G and 3G internet packs are for prepaid customers and can be recharged and activated in Vodafone online shop. It seems that Vodafone stopped to provide and activate free 3G trial packs. So better confirm with customer care before trying those trial packs. Gujarat – Night 3G Plans 500 MB – 29 INR – 1 night validity 1 GB       - 49 INR – 1 night validity Karnataka : Night Internet Plans No night packs for 3G. Only small packs and 1 month packs are available which can be activated through online Vodafone shop. But 2G night pack for Rs 8 is available .Validity 1 night . Usage is 1 GB 2G data. Andhra Pradesh including Hyderabad and Telengana region : 3G Night packs are not available for Vodafone AP region. Small Packs for 43 Rs (150 MB , 7 days) , 147 Rs(500 MB , 28 days)   , 251 Rs(1 GB , 28 days)   are available . But 2G ni

Vodafone : USSD codesComplete List : (PostPaid & Prepaid)

Vodafone USSD code list for Prepaid Customers : How to know my Main account Balance in Vodafone ? Dial  *111# and select My balance in the list displayed. How to convert Vodafone main account balance into internet balance ? To activate internet data packs from Vodafone main balance, dial *111# and select Data pack from the displayed list. How to know the best offer suitable for me in Vodafone ? Just dial *111# . A list of options will be displayed. In the set of options, choose Best offer . Immediately you will be shown the best offer available in Vodafone for you. How to know , what plan/tariff is subscribed and activated by me currently? As usual dial the Vodafone self service number *111# a nd choose Tariff plan Details from the list. How to know last recharge activities done by me in Vodafone? It is really fun . You can know your last three activities in your vodafone number by dialing *111# and choose Last 3 activities from the list. How

Vodafone Unlimited 3G plans in Tamil Nadu

Even though I have written the comparison article about unlimited 3G plans and concluded that Aircel provides the Cheapest 3G plans in Tamil Nadu, I would like to share the Unlimited 3G plans for Vodafone Tamil Nadu. It may help for those who would like to stick with Vodafone for some other reasons like good signal coverage and good talk time offers. In the below plans , you will get 3G speed up to mentioned limit. Beyond that you will get very low speed probably 64 Kbps. That is equal to 8 KBps. Plan 1 : 651 Rupees   - High Speed Up to 4GB – Validity 28 days Plan 2 :851 Rupees   - High Speed Up to 6GB – Validity 28 days Plan 3 : 1251 Rupees   - High Speed Up to 10GB – Validity 28 days Plan 4: 1501 Rupees   - High Speed Up to 12GB – Validity 28 days All these plans are available in online recharge portal of vodafone website. If you have citi bank credit card point , you can utilize to recharge these unlimited packs. You have to select cit