Tuesday, December 23, 2014

MS Excel : TroubleShoot: Not able to merge cells in Excel

This article helps you to merge cells in Excel by troubleshooting the Error.

While working in excel file, if the Merge and centre option is disabled or if the software shows error like cannot merge the selected cells, then we have to troubleshoot using the following technique.

Error: Not able to merge cells in a shared workbook

Cause : Your Excel workbook may be in Shared status.

Reason: If someone merged the cells in a Excel file which is in shared status, then it may result in conflict if two or more people work on the same cells at a time. So, Smart minds of Microsoft decided to disable this Merge and center option while the Excel Workbook is shared status.

Troubleshoot :
  • First Ensure no body is currently opened and working in this Excel WorkSheet . 
  • You can check this by clicking Review - Share Workbook. 
  • The window opened now should show only your name in the list. If anybody opened that excel workbook, ask him to save and close the file.
  • Now Uncheck the option Allow changes by more than one user at the same time and Press Click OK
  • Now a pop up will be shown that file will be automatically saved. Press OK.

We are done. Now you will be able to merge the cells .

Once you are done with the merging the cells process, save the file and again go to Review - Share workbook. So that , other people can work on the file at the same time you are working here.

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