Monday, January 5, 2015

Excel Tricks: Convert Lowercase to Uppercase in MS Excel with Shortcut

Convert Lowercase to Uppercase in MS Excel

It is not possible to directly convert upper case to lower case letters and lowercase to upper case letter in Excel itself .

It may be possible with help of some macros. But for time being we can follow a shortcut procedure to accomplish the task.

Follow the below procedure to convert lowercase to upper case and vice-versa in MS excel.

1.Copy the row or column of text which you need to convert Small to capital letters or Vice-versa.

2.Now open MS word or MS outlook (HTML view)

3.Paste the data that you copied in MS excel

4.Select All the data by pressing Ctrl+A

5.Now press Shift+F3 , If only first letter is changed to different case, again press Shift+F3 one more time.

6.Now all the selected data will be converted into alternate case.

7.Now select all the data (Ctrl+A) and copy it.

8.Go back to excel, select the first row or column where the data should be entered and Paste the data (Ctrl+V)

9.You can choose Paste with source formatting and formula to get back the same settings as it was initially being set.

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