Saturday, November 22, 2014

Best Double click Dictionary addon - Firecfox | Chrome

What is Dictionary Add-on :

Add on or Extension is an additional feature to the internet browser that can be manually added by the user according to his wish and need.

Most of the non-native English speakers may find difficulty while reading a book or article in Internet browsers. If we need a meaning to a particular word, we need to copy it or search it in Google to find its meaning and comeback to reading the article or book.

This process will distract the reading and reduce the enjoyment of reading.

To overcome, this , the best dictionary resource online have introduced an add on called dictionary add on.

Once we install this add on and enable it in the internet browser, just we can double click on a word which automatically displays the meaning of that word.

It will enhance the reading experience of the article. The Add-on is completely trusted, user-friendly, and free from advertisements.

How to Install the Dictionary Addon :

To install dictionary add on in Firefox ,chrome browser, Go to tools - Extensions - more extensions .
Search for Dictionary and install the add on.

Now you can enjoy the synonym of the tough English words just by a double click over it.