Saturday, January 3, 2015

Excel : Not able to Pick Objects, Chart in MS Excel

Difficulty Faced:

While working in Excel workbook, Sometimes we cannot pick any objects like charts, Pictures, Autoshapes etc

Troubleshooting Method :

Method 1 : 

  • Go to Find and Pick Select Objects option. Now go and try to pick the objects you want to select.
  • If still you are not able to select the objects like auto-shapes, charts and other picture objects try method 2.

Method 2:

  • Check whether your Excel workbook is in shared status. If it is in shared status, near the file name of , it will be displayed as shared with square brackets as shown below.
Select objects issue share workbook excel
  • Now Go to Review - Share work book - Uncheck the sharing option - save the workbook.
  • Then try to select the objects .

Caution: Ensure no body is using this file while you are removing the sharing status. If anybody is using this file at the same time, request him to save and close the file to proceed with method 2.

Tips :

  • If you want to select more than one objects at a time, Press ctrl key and select the desired objects.
  • If you want to deselect specific objects, you can click the same selected objects once again to deselect it.

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