Sunday, March 29, 2015

NX Drafting: Invalid annotation specified in entry field | To add diameter symbol , greater than > , less than < symbol in UG NX Drafting

To add diameter symbol in NX

  1. In NX Drafting application, select Text Editor Option. In text box type <O> to get the diameter symbol
  2. You can also select the diameter symbol in text editor symbols list
  3. If you want diameter symbol in NX before dimensions, double click the dimension and in Settings enable diameter option.

NX Error :"Invalid annotation specified in entry field"

  1. If we want to enter a note which contains greater than symbol "<" or less than symbol ">" or sometimes both "<text" , NX will show an error and will not allow you to add the symbols when you type them in the Text note editor.

Why is this happening

UG NX software uses this symbol for syntax for introducing some special characters. For example, syntax for adding Phi (to represent diameter ) is <O> , for adding omega symbol is <$2>
So if we simply add the symbol < , > or <xyz> the software will imagine you are trying to add a special syntax.

How to add < or > or <text> in UG NX
  1. Open the text editor in UG NX Drafting
  2. In add text section, type $ in front of < or > symbol
  3. For example , if you want to display <note> , then you have to type $<note
  4. likewise if you want to display torque > 50 N.m. them you have to type torque $> 50 N.m