Saturday, March 21, 2015

NX: To Create Exploded View in NX UG Unigraphics

Exploded View in NX UG -Unigraphics :
Explosion is used in NX to explode the components of an assembly for illustration purpose which can be used further in drawing.

To create exploded View in UG NX:

  1. Open the assembly you want to create the exploded View
  2. Ensure the assembly options is enabled
  3. Go to Assemblies - Exploded Views - Show Explosion tool bar
  4. Click on Create new explosion 
  5. Now a new set of tools will be opened which contains hide, show, move icons
  6. Use the options in Explosion toolbar to create the explosion by moving the components in the desired  position and hide the unwanted components.
  7. Save the exploded View

To import the exploded View in Drawing View

  1. Now switch to Drafting application
  2. Choose create base view option
  3. In the view creation dialog box , select the explosion that you have created.
  4. As a best practice, you can create a model view and associate it with the explosion that will be very much helpful when you use them in the drawing views.

If you are supposed to update the explosions often , and in-turn update them in drafting views, you might have experience perfect updation of drawing views.

So, in such cases Arrangements would be the best option.