Saturday, March 21, 2015

Shortcuts in UG NX Unigraphics

Basic File operation  shortcuts in UG NX Unigraphics

  1. Command  Shortcut Key Outline
  2. Ctrl+N  To Creates a new file which may be part,assy,drawing, fem,sim etc.
  3. Ctrl+O To Opens an existing file.
  4. Ctrl+S Saves the work part and any modified components.
  5. Ctrl+U Runs an NX Open program.
  6. Ctrl+Q Exists the Sketch task environment and propagates any changes.
  7. Ctrl+Z Undoes the last action.
  8. Ctrl+Y Redoes the previously undone action.
  9. Ctrl+C Copies the selected objects onto the clipboard.
  10. Ctrl+V Pastes objects from the clipboard.
  11. Ctrl+D Deletes objects.
  12. Ctrl+A Selects all visible objects, based on the selection filter.
  13. Ctrl+B Makes selected objects invisible in the display.
  14. Ctrl+Shift+B Reverses the hidden status of all objects on selectable layers.
  15. Ctrl+Shift+K Makes selected objects visible in the display.
  16. Ctrl+Shift+U Shows all objects on selectable layers.
  17. Ctrl+W Shows or hides objects by type.