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Create arrangements in UG NX : Arrangement vs Explosion

Arrangement Vs Explosion 
In UG NX there are two options provided to work with the Assembly structure .
Both Arrangements and Explosions performs the same operation which is to re-position the components in new positions . But arrangement has one additional control of suppressing the unwanted components for a particular arrangement.

How to create arrangement in UG NX :
  1. Open the assembly and load all the components present in the assembly
  2. Go to Assemblies - Components - Arrangements
  3. Create a new arrangement and now move the components that you want to change the position in the current arrangement
  4. Suppress the unwanted components 
  5. Check often by switching to the default arrangement and ensure that the initial orientations are not altered.

To use Arrangement in a drawing :
  1. In Drafting application, Choose create base view option.
  2. In dialog box, pick the arrangement for the drawing view
  3. If you have created a model view , you can also select it in the same dialog box
  4. And give OK.