Thursday, August 7, 2014

Aircel: Free Zero Wikipedia Internet Browsing trick

Aircel combined with Wikipedia to provide free knowledge to the aircel customers.
It is absolutely free for both Aircel Prepaid and Postpaid customers.


Everyone knows that Wikipedia is the best knowledge database in the world in every aspect.
Some networks spoiling the time of their customers by providing free Facebook and free Twitter browsing.
But Aircel thinks in a positive way and boldly decided to give free Wikipedia offer.

How to use free Wikipedia in AIrcel :

In your default mobile browser , type the following address in address bar.

If you enter the Wikipedia webpage, it will be displayed like “Free Wikipedia from Aircel

It means that you will not be charged anything for browsing in Wikipedia.
But if you go to any external link other than Wikipedia , a warning message will be displayed like “You are entering to external link.
You will be charged as per standard charges” .So you can be careful and use free Wikipedia internet.

It is a biggest advantage of all those who seek knowledge information , as Wikipedia is mostly consists of text and advertisement free, it will be loaded very fast even in 2G network.

Enjoy Aircel – zero Wikipedia offer.

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