Friday, August 8, 2014

Facts that we should know about USSD codes for mobile Networks

Everyone might have come across this USSD facility provided by our mobile network companies.

All mobile network providers give this facility to their customers as it provides Instant information like
  • Talk Time Balance, (for Dedicated account, main account, special account etc.)
  • Validity of Rate cutters
  • Find Remaining SMS (If you subscribe for SMS packs)
  • Find Remaining 3G data and 2G data
  • Find mobile number without balance

Apart from these information we can do following actions through USSD codes
  • Recharge for Rate cutters, Top ups
  • Subscribe and Unsubscribe for additional services like dialer tune, astrology, health news etc

What does USSD stands for ?
     The expansion for USSD is Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. WE can directly communicate with the computer database of our mobile network through this USSD facility.

   Usually an USSD code starts with * and ends with #. In between it will contain Few numbers most probably a three digit number.
Example : *122#

Another type of USSD code is a lengthy type code. It is used to subscribe or recharge in a single shot.
Example : *121*44*5#

We should not use such single shot USSD codes unless we know the purpose of this code fully .

Sometimes it will deduce the balance from your talk time account. Instead  first type *121# , then manually choose from the list of options displayed. That would be very safe and secure.

Benefits and tricks of USSD codes :

  • Sometimes we get extra talk time in main account. We may use this to recharge rate cutter through USSD code and save some money.
  • We can get updates about remaining balance of data we have to consume.
  • No need to search for a retail shop or online website for recharging. We can do top up without internet facility, provided you have some balance in main account.

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