Thursday, July 31, 2014

Aircel : Manual GPRS , 2G and 3G Internet settings | Create New APN

If you have China or Korean mobile set, then Aircel will not automatically detect and send the Internet settings to you. So you have to manually set the Internet settings in your phone.

This technique shall also be applicable for Aircel 3G dongle, BSNL huwai universal data Card, Android smart phones, HTC and Nokia Windows Smart Phones.

I will tell the procedure as a common . So that you can understand the logic and apply it any phones and internet data cards.

Even you receive automatic settings from Aircel network through SMS, it will contain some information like Port number , Port name, Access Point name etc.

Now, Go to Settings in your phone or data card, And go to Mobile Network Settings. Then Go to Access point names. If you have dual sim , then your two SIM names will be displayed.

Select the desired SIM card for Internet.

Now tap on the left button , and select Create New APN

Enter the following Information.

Name : Aircel Internet

APN: Aircelgprs

APN type : default , supl (Only for smart phones)

Proxy: Leave blank, Don't fill anything

Port: Leave empty

Username: Leave as blank.

Password type: Leave blank..

Server:Leave blank

MMSC:Leave blank

MMS proxy:Leave blank

MMS Port:Leave blank

MCC: 404


Authentication type: Select None

APN protocol: IPv4

APN enabled/disabled : Select so that it means enabled


Finally save the APN . Now try to connect internet. If it is connected ,then you are done.

Still you are not able to view internet, then go to Settings -> SIM management -> General Settings-> Roaming ->Data Roaming -> Connect to data services when roaming.

Now you should be able to connect to internet.

If you are having and trying to connect internet in laptop with Bluetooth connection , then you have to create a new internet connection as follows.

Go to Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Internet Options -> Connect to network -> Create New Connection.

Now Press Next -> Dial Up -> Bluetooth Modem Link

Now in phone number type *99# and press Connect. You will be able to view internet in your phone.

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