Saturday, August 2, 2014

BSNL Landline service reports 14979 crore loss this year - A Brief Report

During the financial year 2013-14 , BSNL reports that they faced about fifteen thousand crore loss with BSNL landline services.

In total BSNL had 7000 crore loss in this financial year,says telecom minister Mr.Ravi Sankar prasad on this Friday.

BSNL provides various services like landlines services,broadband internet,postpaid and prepaid mobile services,will phone service etc.

The gross loss of BSNL during 2012-13 was around 7900 crores and during 2011-12 it was 8850 crore.

For landlines services in particular the loads during last two financial years was reported as 13450 crore and 12669 crore respectively.

At the beginning of telecom rivalry BSNL was the one who provides cheapest services. But nowadays due to huge rivalry, every tele networks started to provide cheap tariffs and services.

Will BSNL compete with other networks and regain its image or it will go in shade like Doordarsan Program?