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Convert your Current Prepaid plan to postpaid (Vice Versa) without changing the number

Expand your mobile network to see the Procedure for Postpaid to Prepaid migration and Vice Versa.

> Aircel 
  • Aircel makes this migration process very simple through online itself.
  • AIrcel Introduced a new option called design your own plan. YOu can go to the aircel official website and select this option and choose any Prepaid or postpaid plans that suitable for you by providing your current mobile number.
  • WIthin one day AIrcel customer care person will call you and confirm the request and proceed to change the Prepaid to postpaid plan and vice versa.
  • In Airtel you have to approach the nearest Airtel Retail shop to do the conversion or migration process from Prepaid to postpaid and vice versa.
  • No charges will be deducted for this conversion process in Airtel
>Tata DoCoMo
  • Currently online migration of Docomo prepaid to postpaid or Postpaid to prepaid is not possible. You should request through complaint helpline number 198 or approcach the nearest Docomo retail center.
>Idea cellular 
  • Currently there is no option in Idea cellular to migrate from Postpaid to prepaid or vice versa.

    In BSNL GSM , strictly there is no option at present to convert postpaid into prepaid plan or to migrate prepaid sim in to prepaid plan.
    The only solution is to get a new SIM card with fresh number.
    You can use MNP facility to convert into other network .After 6 months you can switch the same number to BSNL postpaid or prepaid. But note that this trick require 6 months wait period.

  • In Uninor You can switch your Postpaid connection to prepaid or Vice versa . YOu have to pay a non refundable amount of Rs 19 apart from SIM cost.
  • If there is any balance in talk time , they will not be transferred.
  • For this Uninor migratio process you have to approach your nearest Uninor Store.
  • > Reliance 
    • In Reliance , there is no smooth procedure for this migration of postpaid into prepaid and Vice versa.
    • At your own risk you can proceed by contacting any nearest Reliance Retail Shop.