Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Aircel : Voice mail Activation |Setup Call Forward Option | Aircel - Get UPC code online to port to another network

Important information:

Aircel terminated its telecom service in India. If you have SIM number and your mobile number, then you can port your current Aircel number to another network by generating UPC code online. 

Please visit to get UPC code .

If you do not have SIM number, then go to any other network office like Vodafone, Airtel, BSNL. They will help you to port your existing Aircel number to their network.

Voice mail :

Voice mail is a service provided by most of the mobile network all over the world , to send communications to the receiver even if he is not reachable by leaving a short voice message.
The receiver may get an alert notification when he receives a notification, when he got a voice mail from any other user from any mobile networks.

He can hear the voice message by dialing the voice mail box number from his mobile number or any land-line number followed by PIN code of voice mailbox.

Voice mail in Aircel:

Unfortunately Aircel do not provide voice mail option for Indian subscribers. But As per Aircel's official website , you can send START VOICE to 200 for free to start voice message service and dial 900 to receive , hear voice messages. You will receive a notification if you receive an voice message. But this is not working or so many users. If so, you can use following option instead of voice mail.

So, Instead of forwarding the not reachable calls to voice mail, you can redirect the call to other emergency mobile number. This option which is called Call Forwarding is available in all mobile phones and supported by all mobile networks.

Activate call forwarding :

  • If you have normal handset , then go to Settings – phone settings – call settings – call forward- choose when to forward the call ( busy, not reachable, switched off) and input the emergency mobile number
  • If you have Android phone, then go to Call – press menu button – settings- voice call- call forward- choose when to forward (busy, not reachable, switch off, all) and input emergency number for each option as you wish.

Voice mail box is not so familiar in India as like western countries. Here the users wanted an immediate response from the caller . So this might be the reason for less usage of voice mail option in India.

But still networks like Airtel, Vodafone, Docomo, BSNL are providing voice mail box facility for their subscribers.