Monday, June 13, 2016

Dish TV: Remote Not working | Replace new Remote for Dish TV

Dish TV : Remote not working

  1. Make sure you are using Remote 2 , corresponding to Dish TV set top box
  2. Ensure that you point your remote directly towards the front panel of your set top box
  3. Remove all obstructions , objects between the set top box and the remote control
  4. Replace the batteries of the remote control if it is used for long time.
  5. Switch off and ON both TV and set Top Box from main plug switch. Some times, the screen will get hang if there is any update done in Dish TV set top Box. Restarting the set top box will solve the issue.
  6. If the Remote control is damaged and faulty, then you can buy a new dish TV remote control in online itself through or any other online portals.

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