Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Facebook : To report Fake accounts, Indecent posts, Photos of innocent women

Nowadays, in the world of digital media Facebook has became as one of the inseparable thing of most of the life.
Facebook is being used by a vast group of people , whose age varies from thirteen to seventy. Almost every family members collaborate in Facebook. But the worrying thing is, the people who misuse Facebook and spread offensive posts, inappropriate pictures etc.

It is everyones duty to report a picture or post or profile which is not appropriate and seems indecent. Facebook is having a simple and efficient report and report tracking system,

To report Fake account, Indecent posts, pictures in Facebook :

  1. Open the page or post of picture that you want to report
  2. Select More and click Report
  3. Now select the option "It should not be on Facebook"
  4. Now select the appropriate option in the list
  5. Finally select "Submit to Facebook for review"
You can track the status of your review anytime in support inbox. The action will be taken within one day or less in general and will be notified by the facebook team through notifications.

Facebook will become clean and decent, if everyone reports the inappropriate posts that we see in facebook feed.