Tuesday, March 10, 2015

View Dependent Edit in UG NX | Erase / HIde curves in Particular View


View dependent edit in drafting module is used to edit the display of objects in the selected view without affecting the display of same objects in other view.

In Ideas NX, we can hide the display of curves very easily and we can have more control on the display of curves.

How to Erase/ Delete curves or objects in Particular view in UG :
  1. In UG NX Drafting model, if we want to delete curves in any particular view, then we have to use view dependent edit option.
  2. Select the View Boundary . Right click and choose View Dependent Edit
  3. In Add Edits section click on Erase objects.
  4. Now select the curves, objects that you want to erase from this view and press OK

You can bring back these erased curves by using delete edits option in the same window.

This option would be very efficient when the views are in Associative mode.

But if the view is in Non associative or Extracted edges - None mode, then we can directly pick the curves and delete or hide them.