Tuesday, March 10, 2015

NX: Insert and Edit Crosshatch symbol NX 7.5 , NX 8.0, NX 9.0

Crosshatching command is used to create patterns of lines within specified boundary in NX in order to differentiate different regions displayed in drawing view for clear illustration.

How to Crosshatch in NX :

  1. Ensure that you are in Drafting application. Now, Go to Insert - Annotation and Select Crosshatch
  2. If you repeatedly using this function, then you can keep it in the main toolbar for ease of use.
  3. Now , a Crosshatch window will appear which shows a set of required parameters to complete the cross hatch.
  4. You can either use point in Region or Boundary curves as Selection mode. Boundary curve method is the most preferred one as it has more control over the selection of desired region.
  5. After selecting the boundary curves, select pattern for crosshatching , distance , angle, color and width
  6. After completing all the necessary parameters , press Apply or OK to complete the cross hatch.
To delete cross hatch in NX 7.5 , NX 8, NX 9 and NX 10 etc, just select the cross hatch using MB1, and press delete key in keyboard.

You can edit the crosshatch in order to change any settings you previously done.

You may receive Alert messages or error messages sometimes like, No closed loop of curves was found. Close Open loops or select inside a loop of edges or curves.

 In such cases you have to re-select the boundary curves to complete the crosshatch.

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