Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Cross Hatching : Applications and Representations | Representation of Hatching

Cross hatching:
Cross Hatching is a method of creating specific patterns inside a specific boundary inorder to differentiate the boundaries.
Cross hatching is mainly used in drawing representations and it is done following some standards like Angle of lines, width, Gap between lines etc.

Types of Cross Hatching Pattern and their applications , representations :
  1. Iron or General use - Lines in 45' angle with equal gap in between them
  2. Steel - double lines in 45' with equal gap between each double line
  3. Brass/Copper- Lines in 45' with equal gap but alternatively breaking lines will be present
  4. Rubber/Plastic-Four lines and equal gap followed by four lines in 45' angle
  5. Refractory- One Breaking line between two lines in 45' with equal gaps
  6. Marble/Slate/Glass- Breaking lines with equal gap in 45'
  7. Lead-Wired pattern of lines
  8. Aluminum/Magnesium - pattern of lines with thin and breaking lines at each side
  9. Electrical winding-Similar to lead but exactly in opposite angles
  10. Thermal Insulation- Thin lines at 45 ' overlayed by zig-zag lines.

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