Thursday, March 5, 2015

NX: Find Unsew Edges ,Free Edges | UG NX

Find Unsew Edges ,Free Edges | UG NX

If you convert,sew a sheet metal body into solid body, then you have to check whether the body has any free boundaries or not .

We can check the free edges using following procedure.
  1. Make sure that you are active in UG NX Modeling application
  2. In Menu bar , select Analysis - Examine Geometry 
  3. Now Examine Geometry dialog will appear
  4. Select sheet bodies you wish to check for objects to investigate. 
  5. Check (Enable tick mark) on Sheet Boundaries for Body Checks
  6. Now click Actions - Examine Geometry.
  7. If any free edges are present, a check box of Highlight Results appears.
  8. You can Check on Highlight Results to highlight the place of error in specific color.