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Hide Dimension in UG NX Drafting | Replace Manual Value , Append text to dimension

Replace dimension text in UG

Sometimes, we would be in need of hiding the actual/original dimension of a component and replace it with a desired value.
By default, there is no option to replace or hide the actual dimension in NX..

Follow the procedure to hide the original dimension and add your desired dimension manually.

  1. Select the dimension value that you need to replace in UG NX Drafting module.
  2. Now, Right click the dimension and choose Append text
  3. A text editor opens now. Type the desired value to be displayed.Give OK
  4. Now we have to hide the original dimension.
  5. Select the dimension, Go to style.
  6. In lettering tab, select lettering type as Dimensions. Change the character size from 3 to 0.0001
  7. Press OK
  8. Now, you will see only the manual values that you have entered in Append text editor.

So, as summarizing the trick is reduce the font size to very small so no one can see it but actually it is there.

Alternate method: Right click dimension → Settings → Text → Format → Override Text → Delete the value manually