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UG NX Keyboard shortcut list : Pan,Zoom,Rotate,Refresh,Align, Center of Rotation

Operation : Pan / Move
Shortcut: To Move the display Press MB1 and MB2 at same time and move the mouse. or
Hold F1 key and move the mouse to move the display.

Operation :Zoom In or Zoom Out
Shortcut: Scroll mouse button upward to Zoom in and Scroll mouse Button downwards to Zoom out the display or
You can Press F2 and at the same time move the mouse to zoom in or zoom out the display.
Just draw a imaginary rectangle in specific area by holding F6 Key

Operation :Rotate
Shortcut: Press  MB2 and move the  mouse to rotate the display. Otherwise you can Press F3 and move the mouse to rotate the display.

Operation :Align nearest View
Shortcut: Press F4 will result the display to automatically orient to the nearest possible view like front,back, side or Isometric view etc.

Operation : To change or set the  center of rotation point
Shortcut: Just place the cursor a desired point and Press C and select any point on the CAD surface to change or set the rotation point.

Operation : Refresh
Shortcut: Press F5 to refresh the screen and erase the display of temporary appeared objects.

Operation : Orient Views
Shortcut:To orient specific views like Front, Back,Top, Left Press Ctrl + Alt+ (F or B or T or L) Respectively for desired view .

Operation : To Render High Quality Screenshot Image
Shortcut: Press Ctrl+Shift+H to render a realistic Picture of the model.