Tuesday, March 3, 2015

NX: Change mouse Cursor Shape in Unigraphics NX without circle symbol | UG NX

Change Cursor shape in Unigraphics

If you have worked in I-deas NX prior to UG NX, then you might feel something odd while working with its new cursor display which has a combination of cross symbol combined with cirle symbol.
You cannot completely remove the circle symbol , but reduce its size to very minimum. At the same time, if you want to increase the circular area , you can do it easily.

The UG NX customer survey team reported that reduction of the circle size decreases the overall productivity of the user. Because ,the circle simply indicates the region of selection and if you reduce it , you have to concentrate more to select an object which in turn reduce your productivity.

Anyway, you can make a try to work without the circle symbol in cursor using the following procedure.

  1. Open UG NX software
  2. Go to Preferences - Selection in the menu bar
  3. Now a settings form called Selection Preferences opens which contains a set of options
  4. Look for Cursor
  5. In cursor section, choose selection Radius as Small. By default it would be Medium
  6. Now give OK

You can now visualize your cursor almost without a circle. (Very small) . It will be very similar to Ideas cursor.But you may find difficulty while selecting the objects.
At any time you can set back to the previous settings using the above mentioned procedure.