Thursday, March 19, 2015

NX: Customization Settings Command Shortcuts in UG NX

Object Display Settings in UG NX :

In Unigraphics UG NX , in order to change the color of objects and fonts of letters, labels, annotations and to work with layers, we have to customize the parameters in object display settings.

Using keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+J Sets preferences such as layer, color, and font for new objects
or we can choose the command using Edit - Object display settings.

Object Selection Behaviors in UG NX :

Selection Ctrl+Shift+T Sets objects selection behaviors such as highlighting, QuickPick delay, and selection ball size (cursor size)

Customizing Toolbar, Menu bar :

The shortcut command for customization is  Ctrl+1 which Customizes menu, toolbar, icon size, screen hint, position of pointer and status line, save and role load etc.
We can also get this option by right clicking on the toolbar and selecting customize option. After finding the desired command in the list, just drag and drop to the tool bar to avail it in front of your eyes for easy access in future . And also ensure that you save the role with this newly added tools in order to avail them in future sessions.