Thursday, March 19, 2015

NX: Object Display Settings Shortcut Keys in UG NX

To show and Hide the objects type in Work Screen :

  • Select Show and Hide icon in the toolbar section or
  • The keyboard shortcut Ctrl+W Shows or hides objects by type.

To Hide objects from the display :

  • Ctrl+B Makes selected objects invisible in the display.
  • You can also simply select the Hide icon in the toolbar which is grouped along with Show, ShHow and hide icons.

To show the hidden or invisible objects: 

  •  Ctrl+Shift+K Makes selected objects visible in the display.
  • Or just click the Show icon in the top tool bar section

To Invert Show and Hidden Objects :

  • Invert Shown and Hidden Ctrl+Shift+B Reverses the hidden status of all objects on selectable layers.
  • Show All Ctrl+Shift+U Shows all objects on selected layers.
  • Object Display Ctrl+J Modifies the layer, color, font, width, grid count, translucency, shading, and analysis display status of objects.
  • Layer Settings Ctrl+L Sets the work layer, visible and invisible layers, and defines category names for layers.
  • Layer Visible in View Ctrl+Shift+V Sets visible and invisible layers for a view
  • WCS Display W Displays the WCS (Work Coordinate System) which defines the XC-YC plane on which most geometry is created.