Monday, March 16, 2015

Whatsapp Voice calling feature started rolling on version 2.12.7

Whatsapp Voice calling feature  started rolling on.

First time Whatsapp showcased its call featured version for few hours.
But second time it lasted for more than a day. But again the latest version 2.12.7 is rolled back into 2.12.5 in Google play.

So, if you have to enable voice call feature you have to use the following procedure.

1.Go to . Aptoide is a famous play store similar to google play store.
2.Download and install Aptoide play store from the website.
3.Now search whatsapp inside the Aptoide play store
4.Here you will find the very latest version 2.12.7 of whatsapp browser. In Google play store you can find only 2.12.5
5.Well now install the latest version of whatsapp
6.Ask you friend who has already enabled voice call feature to give a whatsapp call to your number
7.It will automatically update and incorporate call features in your smartphone. If not restart your phone to enable call features

Note that whatsapp call feature is invite based and not automatic incorporation.