Saturday, March 28, 2015

Fedex Courier : Delivery Exception - Package at station arrived after courier dispatch : Meaning

FedEx is one of the leading courier delivery service company which has its familiarity in most parts of the world including USA, India.
Courier Dispatched means the courier package is sent off to the destination by the sender. If you see this tracking status, then your courier is on the way to your destination.

We can easily check the current status of your courier , in FedEx official website using the tracking number .

Some of the FedEx courier status statements are formed little vague, to interpret the accurate meaning of the status. Vague means explaining or providing the information in unclear manner which makes it difficult to understand for the reader / observer

One of the familiar FedEx courier status of that kind is ,

Delivery Exception - Package at station arrived after courier dispatch.

It means that your courier had been arrived to the station after the courier batch was dispatched for that day. So , they will take back your courier to nearest center and continue the process for next day along with the next batch.

So, if you see this status for your FedEx courier package, then no need to panic , because there is no fault in your parcel, but it will reach you one day later