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Inherit Properties in NX Drafting | Edit note text on NX

Inherit properties in NX Drafting

While working in  NX Drafting, we will face some situation to copy the attributes of one annotation or dimension to one or more other same kind of annotations or dimensions.

To Edit Note Text on NX Drafting, just right click the note → Choose Edit → Modify your note → Click OK.

You can inherit the text or properties from other notes.

For example, If you created three views in the drawing. In one view, you have chosen settings like Non-Associative,Visible lines as thin,Inherit clipping boundary etc.
Now if you want to set other two views with same settings Quickly.

  • All you need to do is just select the other two views, Go to Edit - Style , 
  • Now you can see an option called Inherit all in the bottom of the form.
  • Click that option and choose the parent view you want to inherit the properties.
  • Now give OK.

We are done. The properties all inherited to other two views.

You can use this inherit option in following cases in UG NX Drafting.

Inherit the properties of a Text note like font style, font size, line space , arrow types, width etx
We can Inherit the properties of dimensions like decimal places, font size, other arrow related attributes and text related attributes etc.

  • There is one bug in UG NX 7.5 Drafting. If we create balloon dimensions like circular or rectangular all over the drawing, we can't modify into other shapes. 
  • We have to delete all the dimensions and recreate it. Inherit option will not be applicable in such cases.In future , this bug may be rectified.