Thursday, February 26, 2015

Display Zero After , Before dimension Value in UG NX Drafting

Display Zero after , before dimension Value in UG NX Drafting :

In UG NX Drafting, even if we set to display the decimal places for dimensions, it wont display the trailing zeroes if the dimension is exactly like 14.500 , 20.30 etc.

At such case, we need to enable one additional settings to make visible the trailing zeroes.

This article helps you , how to easily show the zeroes after and before decimal places.
  1. Select the dimension . Right click , Go to Style
  2. In dimension tab, precision and tolerance section, choose the number of decimal places you want to display. (example : 3)
  3. In Units tab, Under There will be a title called Zeros display with three options. Enable Trailing Zeros - Dimensions and Tolerances, Leading zeros-Dimensions , Tolerances. You can disable any of the three if you don't need it.
  4. Press OK

Now the dimension will be displayed with zeros before and after the dimension values.
If you want to make all the dimensions with similar appearance, you can use inherit option for easy and quick process.

Note :
For changing the trailing zeroes in tolerance , you have to choose any format which contain tolerance values. This can be done in Dimension tab - precision and tolerance section.