Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Redeem Debit card points in Standard Chartered Bank (SCB)

Standard Chartered provides Bonus points for money spent through Debit cards as well as credit cards. You can redeem rewards through 360reward plus portal only for Credit card points by using online banking user id password.

Debit card points cannot be redeemed through online. You have to redeem it through phone banking .

To redeem reward points in scb debit card:
  1. Take your debit card in your hand. In the back side of the card, the phone banking numbers will be provided.
  2. Call Standard Chartered Phone Banking number corresponding to your region.
  3. You have to choose some options like language, your debit card number, phone banking pin , ATM Pin etc step by step
  4. Finally you will hear the option to speak to the customer care executive of standard chartered bank.
  5. Once they pick the call, request him/her to redeem the Debit card points
  6. They will check the remaining bonus points available in your account. If it is more than 500 points, they will initiate the request to redeem.
  7. Within 2 to 3 working days , the amount will be credited into your standard chartered savings account.

  • If you redeem at the financial year end, you will get maximum benefit.
  • You have to earn minimum 500 points to redeem them
  • Do not try to request through email, SMS or through online banking mail option. You will not get a proper response.