Friday, December 26, 2014

UG NX - Modeling : Introduction :

UG NX - Modeling : Introduction :

In Modeling Application we can design 3D models using commands like Extrude , Revolve , Sweep, Variational sweep , Adding hole, Embosses, Darts etc and Extending surfaces, Trimming Surfaces.
Apart from these basic operations some of the advance operations are available to accomplish some complex features of a component.

The file and storage concept is similar to usual excel, word documents. So ,if you are familiar with those file storage concepts, then you will feel easy to work with creating, saving and editing UG files.

If we want to design a 3D component, we have to start with a 2D sketch. Every design software work in this way.

Step 1: Create a 2D Sketch
Step 2: Convert in to 3D model using options available in the CAD software.

For example if you want to create a solid 3D cube with a hole,

Step 1: Sketch a 2D square
Step 2: Extrude it into a 3D cube
Step 3: Sketch the 2D circle of hole diameter in the surface of cube.
Step 4: Extrude with remove material option to get the hole.

This is a simple illustration and this methodology applicable even for a complex part.

We will start with a simple component which explains some basic tools of 2D Sketching followed by 3D operations like Extrude, revolve etc.

As a exception, there are 3D curves , which can be converted into A-surfaces (smooth finished surfaces)

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